Listen Up! Looking Glass by Christina Henry

I adore Christina Henry’s Chronicles of Alice, as you can see in my reviews of Alice and Red Queen. Though I enjoy her other fairy tale retellings as well, Alice has always been my favorite. So I was extremely excited to hear that a third book, Looking Glass, was in the works. Looking Glass rounds out the story of Alice and Hatcher completely and gives them the ending they deserve.

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Looking GlassTitleLooking Glass
Author: Christina Henry
Series: Chronicles of Alice, Book 3
Publish Date: April 21, 2020, Penguin
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Narrator: Jenny Sterlin, Gildart Jackson
: Purchased



In the New City lives a girl with a secret: Elizabeth can do magic. But someone knows her secret – someone who has a secret of his own. That secret is a butterfly that was supposed to be gone forever; a butterfly that used to be called the Jabberwock. . .


Alice and Hatcher are just looking for a place to rest. Alice has been dreaming of a cottage by a lake and a field of wildflowers, but while walking blind in a snowstorm she stumbles into a house that only seems empty and abandoned. . .


Hatcher wasn’t always Hatcher. Once, he was a boy called Nicholas, and Nicholas fancied himself the best fighter in the Old City. No matter who fought him he always won. Then his boss tells him he’s going to battle the fearsome Grinder, a man who never leaves his opponents alive. . .


There is a place hidden in the mountains, where all the people hate and fear magic and Magicians. It is the Village of the Pure, and though Alice and Hatcher would do anything to avoid it, it lies directly in their path. . .

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Talk bubble for IvanaInvested Ivana says…

Story: There are four novellas in Looking Glass that make for perfect bookends to the Chronicles of Alice.

When I First Came To Town is a flashback story of Hatcher’s past, giving the reader a sense of who was before and how he became to be Hatcher. Lovely Creature gives the reader a sense of what happened to Alice to land her in the hospital where she met Hatcher.

Then Girl in Amber and Mercy Seat wrap up the story of Alice and Hatcher, bringing them to their (what we assume is) a happy ending.

As with Alice and Red Queen, the story is mesmerizingly horrible and beautiful at once. The voice in which Henry paints Alice’s twisted world is, in contrast, sweet and innocent. That contrast is what makes the story feel like a magical, misty fairy tale – lovely and dark at the same time.

Narration: Jenny Sterlin’s performance perfectly captures that sweet, innocent voice that makes this series so fascinating. I don’t believe I’ve listened to any of Sterlin’s other audiobook performances, but I have Sorcerer To The Crown on my TBR list, so I just might listen to that one soon. She is an amazing performer.

Gildart Jackson narrates Hatcher’s story perfectly, bringing to it that same sense of innocence as Alice has along with helping of young male bravado. Jackson already has my devotion as the voice of Alex Verus, of course. He’s a fantastic performer with a huge catalog of audiobooks and does a fantastic job in every one that I’ve heard.

badge5v5Overall: I’m so glad to have this book as part of the Chronicles of Alice. Seeing both the character’s origins and their story’s ending makes the tale feel complete. Stories told in that beautifully dark way aren’t all that common, so I treasure the ones I find.

NEW RELEASE TODAY!! Born Magic: The Diary of Scarlett Bernard

One Book Two has some news on a fantastic new release!! You gotta take a minute and check this out!

book news

TitleBorn Magic: The Diary of Scarlett Bernard
AuthorMelissa F. Olson
Series:  In conjunction with Scarlett Bernard series
Release date:  June 2, 2020
DescriptionAfter the events of SHADOW HUNT (and the short story “Nativity,” found in COMPANION PIECES), Los Angeles null Scarlett Bernard finds herself more out of her depth than ever before. What happens when the world’s most powerful null goes on parental leave?

And what will the Old World have waiting for her when she comes back?

This all-new novel is structured as diary entries, recorded by Scarlett as she faces her most terrifying trial yet: parenthood.

(Disclaimer: One Book Two nor does their reviewer receive any credits or reimbursements from Amazon, Audible or the author for this announcement.)

The Heart of a Hero by Susan May Warren

Jake Silver may not be able to put the memories of his time as a sniper and Navy SEAL behind him, but at least he can put his skills to use as a part of the Jones Inc. rescue team. Saving the life of pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Aria Sinclair on Denali helped too.

Title:  The Heart of a Hero
Author:  Susan May Warren
Series:  Global Search and Rescue #2
Publish Date: June 2, 2020
Source:  Netgalley

Publisher’s Description:  Jake Silver may not be able to put the memories of his time as a sniper and Navy SEAL behind him, but at least he can put his skills to use as a part of the Jones Inc. rescue team. Saving the life of pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Aria Sinclair on Denali helped too. Now he can’t get her out of his head, and when he hears she is in the path of a hurricane down in Key West he can’t help but jump on a plane to rescue her.

Aria has dedicated her life to helping children born with defective hearts. After all, she was one of those children. Now driven to succeed, she lives a lonely, stressful life. One she would have lost on Denali if it hadn’t been for Jake. Jake is exciting and handsome, but he’s also dangerous, and she’s already lost one person she loves. She can’t bear it again.

It’s not until she finds herself trapped in the middle of a category 4 hurricane that she can admit she needs Jake desperately. With their very survival in the balance, can they hope for a second chance at life . . . and love?


Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words …SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

This book is part of a series.  Although I read #2 before #1, I was fairly ok guessing at the story line but it might serve better to read in order.  This is a Christian romance, which means a romance that includes God and religious leaning.  There is no sex, not much violence and ends with a happy ending.

Since I’ve not read book #1, I am unclear on some of the characters, but what I am sure of is that I need to read #3 when it comes out.   The writer made me care about these characters.  There was action and parts that made me stop and think about what I would do if I was put in their situation.  The whole book felt like a non stop marathon.  I started and it was hard to stop.

Though this is a christian romance, I did not feel like religion was foisted upon me.  It was more like warm thoughts and caring for the characters for the other characters involved.

The premise of the book was simple.  The heroine had a “moment or two” in book one and then the heroine felt embarrassed and ran away.  The hero felt so much for the heroine, he went after her.  To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I would have if I was him.  Anyway, it was good for her that he did chase her, because she really needed the help.  Yes, she is a tough and independent woman, but this was a very serious situation that she was in and she took responsibility for others.  The two of them worked together and even though it was a book, I could feel that their connection was a good one.

I enjoyed this book.  The story wasn’t dark or scary like a psychological thriller.  It was simply two people taking care of others while they tried to survive themselves.


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Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 5/31/20


Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

Back with new releases again… they keep writin’ them, we keep readin’ them.


Title:  Maliki
Author: Kris Michaels
Series: Guardian Defenders #2
Release date:  May 26, 2020
Description: Betrayal.

When it comes at the hands of family, betrayal destroys lives. His reputation destroyed and career as a surgeon shattered, Harrison M. Boswell, VI, vanishes, and the alter-ego of Dr. Maliki Blue arises. His employer, Guardian Security, knows who he had been—but they are the only ones. Too bad pasts don’t stay buried. A distress call from the one person he couldn’t ignore drags him back to a place and time he’d sworn to forget and embroils him in a tangled web of small-town drama and three deaths. With one foot out of the door, Mal is ready to leave and never return, when the deputy sheriff appeals to him for the kind of help only he, and Guardian can provide.


Dr. Maliki Blue exploded into her world at the scene of what would have been a successful murder—had the good doctor not intervened so swiftly and effectively to save the life of the gunshot victim. As Senior Deputy Sheriff of Pleasant County, VA, Poet Campbell’s instinct told her Dr. Maliki Blue was more than who he said he was. Checking out the gorgeous, sexy doctor will be one of life’s unexpected pleasures. Then life—and a suspicious set of unrelated circumstances—complicates everything, including her attraction to the sexy doctor.


He didn’t want to acknowledge his past or examine the reasons he left, but fate forced that hand. Fate also dropped Poet Campbell onto his lap. However, other than for his access to Guardian, she doesn’t need him, although neither would deny the gravitational pull between them. Not a fertile field to grow a meaningful relationship no matter how insatiable their physical attraction. Add corrupt officials and a psychotic serial killer and a tragic ending is almost preordained—almost.



Title:  Fury of the Gods
Author:  Amy Braun
Series:  Areios Brothers #3
Release date:  May 26, 2020
Description: Fate brings consequence.

Separated from his brother by curses and lies, Derek Areios is forced into hiding. With rogue goddesses on his side, he begins his search for the Mind of Cronus. But his plans come to a screeching halt when the Olympians send nightmarish warriors to hunt him. Creatures even the gods themselves fear.

Liam Areios, lost without his brother and trapped in service for the Olympians, continues the hunt for the Mind of Cronus. The remaining gods refuse to trust him—or any human—and Liam begins to see just how mad power has made them. Becoming entangled in the schemes of mortals and immortals, Liam will have to fight or lose everyone he loves.

Deadly monsters, betrayal, and pulse-pounding action fill the pages of the third novel in the AREIOS BROTHERS series.


(Disclaimer: One Book Two nor does their reviewer receive any credits or reimbursements from Amazon, Audible or the author for this announcement.)

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Honor Avenged by Tonya Burrows

Leah Giancarelli makes balancing her new role as a single mom look easy, but she’d have crumbled if not for her late husband’s best friend, Marcus.  Both are ripped over the attraction between them.  Should they?

Title:  Honor Avenged
Author:  Tonya Burrows
Series:  Hornet #6
Publish Date:  May 18, 2020
Source: NetGalley

Publisher’s Description: Leah Giancarelli makes balancing her new role as a single mom look easy, but she’d have crumbled if not for her late husband’s best friend, Marcus. She has her issues with HORNET, an elite hostage rescue team—after all, Danny would still be alive if he’d never accompanied them on their last mission—but Marcus has always been by her side, a strong shoulder to lean on…

Until, after one impulsive kiss, he’s so much more.

Eaten alive by guilt, Marcus takes off, leaving both HORNET and Leah behind. Alone is easier. Safer. Because his feelings for Leah are all kinds of wrong, the worst kind of betrayal, and he can’t trust himself not to act on them.

But Danny’s death was only the beginning. Whoever hired the hitman is looking for something, and they think Leah knows where it is…

Each book in the HORNET series is STANDALONE:
* SEAL of Honor
* Honor Reclaimed
* Broken Honor
* Code of Honor
* Reckless Honor
* Honor Avenged

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words …SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

This book is fairly clean for a military romance.  It’s actually more adventure than porn and that’s the way I like them.  There is some graphic scenes of torture and death.  There are some scenes with the less fortunate people that have to live through hell just to get through a day.  There is swearing but there is also a good ending.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book.  I felt deeply for the couple in this book.  They had a pretty hard time of it, but when a husband and friend dies unexpectedly, you will have a more than tough time.

Marcus was supposed to watch over Leah and the kids for his best friend Danny.  Supposed to.  He couldn’t stand up to his grief and work through it in order to be a help to anyone.  He was a sad state of affairs, running from every feeling he had and hiding them from himself.  Leah was alone and fighting to stay afloat.  Fighting and fighting to stay afloat, because that’s what moms do.

The adventure in this book was pretty spectacular.  The premise was a secret investigation that Danny was handling and the wrong people had control over the situation and killed him.  The bad guys were really, really bad guys and decided to come after Leah because she *might* know something.  Leah doesn’t know who to trust and those that she’s supposed to be able to trust, can she?  It was a good story.





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