Nell 100Geeze, what?

The Dresden Files book Ghost Story is being rerecorded by James Marsters!!

What? Rerecorded? What was wrong with the first recording?

ivana 100Oh, Nell, don’t you remember? All the Dresden Files audiobooks have been narrated by James Marsters — Spike from Buffy and Angel. But when it was time to record Ghost Story, Marsters was filming and was too busy or far away to record the book. So John Glover narrated the book.

Nell 100Oh, yeah, I remember this. And no one liked Glover?

ivana 100No, it’s not that no one liked Glover. I really like John Glover, in fact, and think he has a great voice for audiobooks. BUT… ALL the other books have been done by Marsters, so listeners all recognize his voice as the voice of Harry Dresden. And then… it changed.  It’s like when two different actors play the same character in a TV show or movie — two Darrens in Bewitched, two Beckys in Rosanne. The lack of continuity is just WRONG!

Nell 100If I remember right, you wouldn’t even listen to that audiobook because of the change in narrators, right?

ivana 100<blush> You’re right. I listened to the sample on the Audible page, but couldn’t listen to the whole book. I LOVE the Dresden audios, and I DID buy it to support the author. But, no, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to it. But now I see that a version narrated by Marsters is up for pre-order on It’s release date is April 21st!

Nell 100Boy, there must be a lot of people who feel the way you do if they went to the trouble to re-record it. I wonder how much hate mail they got? I feel bad for John Glover. He probably got a complex from the incident!

ivana 100Well, I hope not. Like I said, I like Glover. But he just isn’t Harry. Harry Dresden, at least for me, looks like Paul Blackthorne and sounds like James Marsters. I’m certainly flying my book geek flag high tonight because I’m TOTALLY, IRRATIONALLY HAPPY there will be a new version! There may have even been loud SQUEEING when I found out!

Nell 100Yay for continuity and consistency. All of the Dresden Files lovers with a higher-than-average need for order can finally breathe easy.

John GloverGhost Story James Marsters

I’m so excited about this news that I had to pre-empt today’s review! You can find the pre-order of Marsters’ Ghost Story on Do you have a preference in narrators? Comment and let us know!


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