Deception by D.B Reynolds

DeceptionTitle:  Deception
Author: D.B. Reynolds
Series: Vampires in America Book 9
Publish Date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: Belle Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher’s DescriptionKauai, Hawaii—tropical paradise, vibrant jungle, turquoise sea… and sensuous nights that hide vampires so powerful they can change the world.

Raphael—powerful, extraordinary, arrogant. He’s been eliminating rivals and gathering allies, determined not just to survive, but to demolish the Europeans who think they can steal what he’s worked for centuries to create. In a final bid to avert a war that seems inevitable, Raphael agrees to meet an enemy he knows of old. She is formidable, wily, and not to be trusted. But in his arrogance, Raphael believes he can foil whatever treachery she has brewing.

Cynthia Leighton—Raphael’s human mate, beautiful, smart, and deadly when threatened. She doesn’t trust anyone, much less a powerful vampire claiming to want peace. So while Raphael prepares to negotiate a treaty, Cyn is preparing for the inevitable double-cross that she knows is coming. Raphael worries about saving thousands of vampire lives. She only cares about one, and she will do anything to keep him alive and in her arms.

When Cyn is proven right, when it all falls apart and Raphael’s enemies draw on ancient magic to trap him, taking him away from Cyn and out of the war, it all falls to her—to find Raphael, to save the thousands of vampires who will die if she doesn’t succeed… and to kill every single being, human or vampire, who gets in her way.

Nell 100

Main Characters: Cyn is tough.  As a diamond blade.  She has to be if she’s going to be with Raphael.  I am pleased to report that even though she is living with THE HARDEST vampire there is, she is retaining her human side.  She was very distracted in this book, so her snark level wasn’t as high as usual, but her friends and support staff made up for it. Raphael is a HARD man.  It is awesome to see him be soft around his inner circle, but they know how powerful he is.  I don’t think there is anything that Vampire can’t do.

Other characters: I LOVE Lucas (though Duncan is my favorite).  He makes an appearance in this book and he is brilliant as always.  Juro, Ken’ichi, Elke, Robbie and lastly Jared are there too.  I still like Juro better than Jared.   We meet a new character that I hope sticks around.  He has the hots for Elke, which she may or may not return. We again meet Nicodemus Katsaros and were enlightened as to why Raphael hates Nick so much….other than Nick having history with Cyn.

Story:  The story starts out two weeks after the events in Mexico, which were horrendous.  The European vampires will not give up and they want Raphael’s territory as well as Raphael’s death and destruction.  They need more room, more territory for all of their vampires, so they make a play for the West.  After the West, they will move on to the Plains, because, after all, they *THINK* they are so much more powerful than the vampires that already hold lordship in those areas.

The book is action filled right at the start and hardly ever gives you a chance to catch your breath.  There is equal amounts sex, violence and death with a whole lot of Deception mixed in.  There are power plays against the bad guys that just want me to laugh maniacally.  It’s a great story and there is no cliffhanger, but Ms. Reynolds does give you a taste of things yet to come.


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