Outlander Is Back on STARZ Tonight!

ivana 100NELL!!! Do you know what today is???? I’m so excited I can hardly STAND it!

Nell 100I checked my lists… I don’t have a book release. What could you possibly be excited about?

Outlander comes back to Starz tonight! The wait since the end of the first half-season has been excruciating! But the second half is finally here! I can’t wait until tonight!!

How many times have you watched each episode? How many times have you read the series?? I think you are addicted…

WeddingWell, it’s a good story and the characters feel like friends. I can’t believe you haven’t gotten into the books or the show. This is the EPIC romance, Nell. It’s right up your alley!

I know you think I should be all over Outlander. The show makes me nervous. I watched the episodes on a free Starz weekend – marathon style. There were a few times when I was so worried about the characters, I couldn’t watch. I’m also anxious about the time travel. Will she ever get to see her first husband again? Do I want her to? It’s rather nerve racking to see people get married because they have to rather than because they want to. I know I read about marriages of convenience in Regency Romances, but that’s reading. I can romanticize it when I’m reading — there’s not much room for interpretation when it’s on the screen. Also, the time period is hard. Abuse, starvation, poverty, death – it’s all laid out visually. I’m much too delicate of a flower to handle all that. 😉

OUT_114-20140721-ND_0318.jpgOh, goodness gracious, Nell! Delicate flower indeed. You could read the books if watching it is too hard for you. Then you’d at least know what to expect in the TV show.

Ah, but how many times have I been subjected to you ranting and raving about a series not being at all as good as the book? Hmmmm?

You’re right — generally that is true. But I don’t think it’s true with Starz version of Outlander. At least not so far. There are some differences and some things left out because of the different medium, but the producer is doing a VERY good job of staying true to the book.

I will give it some serious thought…..again. You know, I need to retire from my paying job just to keep up with my TBR pile.

Outlander 2014I know, but this story — either book or movie — will be worth your time, I PROMISE!

You will be happy to know that I have all the Outlander books, I’m just daunted by their size. Do you suppose, if I put the whole series of books under my pillow, that my brain will just soak up the pages by osmosis?

I wish! We wouldn’t have a TBR pile then, would we?

Outlander Season 1 Part 2 starts tonight on Starz.  Don’t miss it!


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