Anticipated April Releases

Ah! April is here. I have had tomorrow, April 7, 2015, highlighted on my calendar for what seems like forever. Two of my favorite authors release books this month.

FaDark Heirith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock comes back with another installment of excitement and intrigue with Dark Heir.  Yellowrock’s adventures have prompted me to read and listen to each book at least once.  My favorite character is George “Bruiser” Dumas.  He is the only character that I cannot picture in my head. Leo? No problem. Katie? Yeah, I’ve got her image. I’ve even got Jane’s ex, Ricky Bo figured out. (I still hold a grudge against Ricky Bo, the idiot.)

Jane Yellowrock’s world is a lesson in double crossing and alliances.  If we had a vampire family tree, I’m sure it would read just like Greek Mythology. The Vampire world is full of etiquette and ceremony is linked to everything that happens. It’s hard for Jane to wade through all that crap — especially since she’s flying blind and without a map.

At this point in the stories, Jane has made a life for herself that I really think she deserves. She no longer works alone due to Eli and Alex Younger, Bruiser may or may not be with her to stay (though I hope he is), and Jane may or may not be working one last time for the New Orleans vampires.  April 7, 2015 – I may have to stay home from work.

VengenceAlso on April 7, 2015, Diana Rowland releases Kara Gillian on the world again.  This book, Vengeance of the Demon, is Number Seven of a very exciting ride.

This is the series that I would have stopped reading if someone had told me about the huge betrayal to Kara a couple of books back.  I was outraged and beside myself.  It felt like it was me that got stabbed in the back.  Now, I’m going to tell you a secret: I’m grudgingly going to tell you that I’m happy I didn’t know about the betrayal because I would not have continued reading the books.

Diana Rowland makes the demon world come alive. Again, alliances are coming into play – aren’t they always?  One demon lord playing against the other – again, no spoiler there. The only honor they have are contracts.  If they promise something, they will carry through.  The demon lord politics often tend toward mayhem and death; but, as Ivana “gently” explained to me, “What do you expect? They are demons!!”

I know they are demons but Mzatal is treating Kara pretty well and Rhyszkahl’s (the ass) treachery bit him effectively on the butt – thank goodness.

Anyway,  when we left Kara at the end of Book Six, she had gone back to the demon realm to be with Mzatal and put her posse back together.  The cover of the book leads to me to believe there is a child to be born.  Is it Zach’s & Jill’s? I tend to believe it is.  What part will this child play? How do you even raise a demon child? Will Ryan come back or is it all about Szerain now? Will Mzatal allow himself to feel again?  I so want this to end well!  I guess the best we can do is pick up the book and give it a read.  I will be interested if my questions will be answered.


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