Nell’s & Ivana’s Reading Lists

Two of Us 200Nell and I have made some updates to our site, including separate About Us pages. We did this so we could share with our readers our own Reading Lists — those books and series in which we are highly invested.

It wasn’t easy making these lists, let me just say. There are many, many more books I have read, and more that I like. But I would consider the books on my list, at least, to be those that I would reread, those that I consider friends, those that I wouldn’t want to be without.

Take a look at Ivana’s or Nell’s lists — maybe you’ll find something new to try.


About Invested Ivana

I read fiction for entertainment and to escape my own world; so, I don’t want to read about “real” things. I read non-fiction to learn and be inspired. For the last several years, I’ve read mostly Urban Fantasy and other things supernatural. I also enjoy Historical Fiction. I love books that go deep into characters and worlds. I really want to know the characters, to be able to invest emotionally in them and their challenges. I like learning about cultures, so understanding the world is important to me as well.

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