Audiobook Narrators

ivana 100Nell, let’s talk audiobook narrators.  Do you have favorites?  I know I do!

Nell 100I do have favorites. I love James Marsters as Harry Dresden, Khristine Hvam as Jane Yellowrock and Johanna Parker as Sookie Stackhouse and Makenna Frasier.  I think it’s because their voices change so readily to match the characters.  There is a series I love that I wanted to hear in audio.  I was disappointed because the narrator was not good.  She didn’t change her voice for the different characters and her voice didn’t have much inflection or hardly any emotion.  I was sad for the author because I swear to you that the narrator makes or breaks an audiobook.

ivana 100Oh, I agree – the narrator makes or breaks the audiobook.  I’ve told you how excited I am that James Marsters has redone Ghost Story.  I love Dina Pearlman who narrates the Anna Strong Chronicles and the Weather Warden series, Lorelei King who narrates the Charley Davidson series and the Mercy Thompson series, Emily Grey who narrates the Parasol Protectorate series, and Luke Daniels who narrates the Iron Druid Chronicles.  Davina Porter has a beautiful voice for historical fiction and narrates the Outlander series, and, of course, there’s Jim Dale, the voice that addicted me to audiobooks in the first place.  Should we make a list of our favorites?

Nell 100You keep coming up with names of narrators that I love.  Lorelei King is really good too.  I can make a list, but I’ll guarantee it’ll be shorter than yours because YOU are the one that got ME addicted to them.

Here are some of our favorite audiobook narrators:


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  1. I have a couple favorites: Simon Vance, and Kate Reading (she’s amazing – loved her performance on Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive books and Marie Brennan’s Lady Trent novels). For Star Wars books, I love Marc Thompson and his awesome voices.


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