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ivana 100Ya know, Nell, one thing about having a book blog is that I’m now exposed to even more new books than I was before.  Before we started the blog, I bought about three times more books than I could read in a year.  I’d hate to see what that ratio will be this year.  I bought 27 books in March and have bought 27 books so far in April!  Have you bought more books since we started this blog?

 Nell 100Actually, no, I haven’t really increased my buying by a lot.  There was a couple of authors that contacted me to read their books for them and I ended up buying them because I wanted to support the author.  My problem has been the “Book Hunt”.  Before I started writing here with you, I trolled occasionally looking for a good series.  Now, I see so many new series that I want to try that I’m never going to get caught up.  I haven’t heard you holler at me to buy that many books….are YOU turning into a hoarder?

ivana 100Well, not a hoarder, I hope.  But in reality, I buy more than I can read, so I guess that’s a type of hoarding.  My books are mostly electronic, now, so at least if I am hoarding, it’s not as obvious.  Want to compare what we’ve each bought so far this year?  I’d be curious to see.

Nell 100I think you are trying to trap me into admitting I’m as bad at buying books as you are.  What if I don’t want to know?


ivana 100I’m sure you already know.  But in any case, think of our readers, Nell.  They want to know!

Nell 100Well, fine.  If I get a knock on my door by guys that what to commit me for addiction, it’s your fault.  Ok, let’s see…. For March, I bought 41 books in March and 23 so far for April.  *blush*  Um…..I should also disclaim that count does not include audio books.

ivana 100Oh, right.  Audiobooks.  Okay, my March count is 34 and my April count 30 if you include audiobooks.  But two of those I bought for my husband!

Nell 100I may have bought 7 in March, but just 2 in April, so far.  I should tell you that I bought 3 books today.  I’m being painfully honest.  What is your most popular genre?

ivana 100Oh, Urban Fantasy by far.  I’ve been on an Urban Fantasy kick for a few years now.  How about you?

Nell 100It’s a toss up between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  I think UF edges out PR by just a smidge.  I like Mysteries and Thrillers, but I’d like to have a paranormal twist to it.  I’m not a real fan of contemporary fluff, but it has to be the right kind of fluff.  It’s weird, I know.

ivana 100No, I understand completely.  We all just like what we like! 🙂

Ivana’s April Purchases:

I April Buys

Nell’s April Purchases:

N April Purchases


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