Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings

Modern GirlTitle: Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings
Author: Gina Drayer
Series: The Modern Girl’s Guides 01
Publish Date: April 3, 2015
Publisher: Crimson Heart Publications
Genre: Romance
Perspective: Third Person
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Publisher’s Description: Sometimes you need a little help.

There was no escape for Matt Carver. He was stuck on a TransAtlantic cruise with his entire family for two weeks. And while he loved them all, this trip was going to kill him. Especially since his well-meaning mother loved to meddle in his personal life. The only way he could keep the peace, and his sanity, was to produce a fake girlfriend. Good thing he had just the woman for the role: Beth Riley, an adventurous beauty who’d already rescued him once.

And sometimes you just want to run away.

Beth Riley needed an escape. Her normal drama-free life was swimming in scandal when her sister announced she was marrying Beth’s ex-boyfriend. In order to distance herself from the wedding fiasco, Beth booked a two-week cruise. It was her chance to sort out her feelings and reevaluate her love life. But it soon became obvious, the cruise wasn’t the fun filled break she’d been expecting. Luckily Matt came to the rescue, with his harebrained plan, and provided the perfect distraction.

The whole ruse was supposed to be harmless and fun, but things quickly turned intense when their made-up relationship and fake kisses produced undeniable heat.


Ruby_Lee_Revised 200Ruby Lee says…

Shave those legs, slide into your best bikini, and throw this book into your beach bag, because I have found the first beach read for the summer!

When I first received Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings, I made the mistake of taking a look at the first chapter to see what it had to offer.  At that point, the book grabbed me by the ears and pulled me in head first.  I realized (with some horror) that I had reached my “point of no return” (PNR) and I was destined to spend the rest of the night reading this hilarious love story.

Someone recently commented on how most romance books are written with a “cookie cutter” approach.  Their theory is that each book is the same story with just different names.  I would actually agree with that statement.  I read romance because I know there will be a happy ending, which is a requirement.  I know that there will also be love, angst, and if I am really lucky… some hot sex scenes.

Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings offered me all of what I expected to find, but I also got a lot more.  Beth and Matt are well-formed, three dimensional characters that have fears, family situations, and life experiences that I can relate to.  Author Gina Dryer did an excellent job of creating the modern dysfunctional family that you love and hate at the same time. Plus the intelligent humor of this book surprised me but had me laughing out loud as I ate breakfast one morning in a Holiday Inn.  Other customers looked and that was a tad embarrassing, but I felt sorry for them because they didn’t know what they were missing.  As for the love scenes, I would give it an R rating.  They are not too racy but they do get the heart going.

By the end of Modern Girl’s Guide, I wanted to be friends with Beth and wanted to date Matt’s brother.  (However, his brother is already married so that would be difficult and awkward.)  This is the first book in the series.  The next one is recently released, The Modern Girl’s Guide to One Night Stands.  That story will be added to my must read list.

Lucyfer’s Corner

Lucy Face1 paw print – I got sand between my toes, sunburnt whiskers, and a headache from the lovey-dovey, feel good happy ending.  No one lost a limb… Where’s the fun in that?

If you like this book…

Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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I have always loved reading because it is my escape, and I will read almost anything. Lately, I have been getting into nonfiction, which surprised the heck out of me. I am also into many types of romance, horror, and sci-fi with an occasional mystery or two. I promise that I will keep you on your toes because my reading preferences are all over the map. I feel I’m a tough reviewer. I rarely give five stars on any story because a five-star would have to be a book combination of The Stand meets Charlotte’s Web which in turn marries Dante’s Inferno and has an affair with Where the Sidewalk Ends. I think that if a story travels with you for the rest of your life, it should have a special distinction to set it apart. Follow me on twitter @rubylee5151 or send me an email at

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