Storm Wind by Skye Knizley

Storm SomethingTitle: Storm Wind
Author: Skye Knizley
Series: Storm Chronicles 03
Publish Date: January 5, 2015
Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing
Genre: Urban Fantasy with a little romance
Perspective: First Person with alternate POV

Publisher’s Description: The body of Wade Franks hangs from a gargoyle in Old Town, bathed in the harsh glow of the spring Blood moon. Terrible, bloody wounds cover his body and it’s clear he didn’t give up without a fight. But a fight against who…or what?

Detective Raven Storm is assigned to uncover the truth behind Franks’ death, chalking up another ‘unsolvable’ case for the Chicago Police. Together with her partner Rupert Levac Raven embarks on an investigation that leads deeper into terrifying darkness than ever before, into a sanctuary of evil older than Chicago itself where she will need all her wits, training and vampiric heritage to survive.

A Storm is rising beneath the bloodmoon.

And hell is coming with her.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (in other words, SPOILERS!)

Nell 200 qNervous Nellie says…

I am steering away from my normal format of review for this one.  Reason?  I was disappointed.  It felt like the author had something better to do than to spend SO much time on Raven.  I would not doubt that this is the last book in the series, which makes me sad because I want to know if Francis DuGuerre (the jerk face, arrogant traitor) really turns out to be the good guy or if Rupert is the “ONE”.  I need a “Happily Ever After” before the series is finished, darn it!

I can’t believe that Frances DuGuerre had the nerve to whisper to Raven that he still loved her.  After he sold her out to her worst enemy does he think he even gets to stand in the same airspace as Raven?!?  Jerk.

Rupert and Raven decide to keep things professional because of the job.  I’m pretty sure she’s got feelings for Rupert and I think he’d be good for her because he wouldn’t sell her out.  He’s her partner and that means something.

Stupid cult following cells of vampires want to destroy Lady Valentina and her court in order to bring back the meglomaniacal, bat sh*t crazy Stohm.  Strohm is supposed to be true dead at the end of Raven’s stake, but is he really?  Strohm also claims to be the rightful ruler and claimant of the throne.  On top of that swirls the possibility that Strohm is Raven’s father and Mason Storm and Valentina colluded to put Strohm in stasis (illegal in vampire court) in order for Valentina to claim the throne.

Let it be said that I think Raven has been in the cold long enough. Her family are jerks.  Her former lover is worse than a jerk and Rupert….well *shrug* what IS he thinking? There was no progress in any relationships and the plot wasn’t all that.  She was betrayed and abandoned. I say enough already.  Cut Raven some slack–and for God’s sake, give her someone she can count on!

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