Cemetery Girl Part 1: The Pretenders

cemetery girlTitleThe Pretenders
Author: Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden
Series: Cemetery Girl Part 1
Publish Date: October 27, 2014
Publisher: GraphicAudio
Genre: Graphic Novel Urban Fantasy
Perspective: First Person

Publisher’s Description: She calls herself Calexa Rose Dunhill—names taken from the grim surroundings where she awoke, bruised and bloody, with no memory of who she is, how she got there, or who left her for dead.

She has made the cemetery her home, living in a crypt and avoiding human contact. But Calexa can’t hide from the dead—and because she can see spirits, they can’t hide from her.

Then one night, Calexa spies a group of teenagers vandalizing a grave—and watches in horror as they commit murder. As the victim’s spirit rises from her body, it flows into Calexa, overwhelming her mind with visions and memories not her own.

Now Calexa must make a decision: continue to hide to protect herself—or come forward to bring justice to the sad spirit who has reached out to her for help…

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (in other words, SPOILERS!).

ivana 100Invested Ivana says…

I have a love/hate relationship with graphic novels.  Some of them, particularly the artsy ones or ones that depict short stories from series I already read, seem so compelling–beautiful art, intriguing story–and I really want to read them.

But when I do, I find them completely unsatisfying, like eating one potato chip when you’re starving.  There just isn’t enough story in a graphic novel to satisfy me.  In spite of all the beautiful art, I’m looking for the words.  Many times I have to make myself go back and look at the pictures carefully because I just skimmed past them looking for more words.

When the Cemetery Girl series by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden was launched, I was again intrigued.  Two great authors and a southern cemetery ought to be enough to intrigue anyone!  But I hesitated; why buy another graphic novel when I know I would just be disappointed?

So, when I saw that GraphicAudio had produced an audio version of Harris and Golden’s graphic novel, I was even more intrigued.  How on earth could one make an audio recording – all words – out of a visual graphic novel?  Well for $5, I was willing to find out.

And let me tell you: it’s brilliant! For me, anyway, it’s a beautiful blend of imagery—invoked by sound—and story.  The story itself is beautifully told and the atmosphere that is created by the different characters, the background sounds, and even the volume and quality of the voices makes the story so very rich.

I have not yet seen the original graphic novel, but now that I’ve listened to it, I really want to sit down with the graphic, looking at the pictures while listening to the audio.  I think that would be an amazing experience and give me both the words I’m looking for and the freedom to really look at the art.

The story itself runs a bit over an hour, but GraphicAudio has included an interview with Harris and Golden at the end of the story that is an incredibly fun listen.

I’m just starting to explore what GraphicAudio has to offer, but so far I’m really enjoying their version of the audiobook.  I think they did an amazing job with The Pretenders and can’t wait for the next installment of Cemetery Girl.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Hmm, I find the idea of a “graphicaudio” bizarre as well, but I’m intrigued. I’m not sure I’d take to it, since more than half the joy of graphic novels/comics for me is being able to look at and appreciate the art. I’m willing to give it a shot though, so I don’t want to write it off. Thanks for writing about your experience, I’ve actually read the graphic novel already, so the graphicaudio might be a good choice to start with to try (since I won’t listen to it just to start pining for the visuals), especially since you rate it so highly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mogsy! Yeah, if you enjoy graphic novels, I would think the audio version would be either unwelcome or maybe a cool addition to the art. Like I mentioned, I think listening and looking at the same time might be neat. Wonder if it would be a good thing for a reluctant reader (high-school level in this case, since there is murder)? For me with my “issues” with graphic novels, it was wonderful!


  2. digitaltempest

    I am so glad to read this review. I am listening to my first GraphicAudio book to review (The Death of Captain America because I am a tuboMarvelnerd), and I’ve been wanting to read more reviews from people about their experiences with other titles. I choose The Death of Captain America specifically because I have read the Graphic Novel, but the GraphicAudio seems to be based on the novelization, which is fine. It just fleshes out a story I already know it, so I can see how it compares. So far I’ve enjoyed it. I joked on GR that I couldn’t go to bed last night because I was crying about Captain America even though I haven’t gotten to the “death” part. LOL. Excellent review. I may check this one out, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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