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20869705Title: The Forest Bull
Author: Terry Maggert
Series: The Fearless #1
Published:  February 2014   (4 full length novels+ 1 short story to the series at this point)

Publisher’s Description:  Three lovers. Two immortals. One mystery.

When Ring Hardigan isn’t making sandwiches for, and with, his two partners, Waleska and Risa (they’re cool like that), he’s got a busy schedule doing the dirty work of sending immortals to the ever after. Wally and Risa provide linguistics, logistics, and finding the right place for him and his knife.

A reclusive Baron from the timelost forests of Europe asks for their help—find a stolen collection of jewelry, and find the thief—his daughter Elizabeth, an immortal of purest evil who wants nothing less than control of Hell itself. With the help of a 2400 year old succubus hooker named Delphine, they might just live long enough to what is evil, who is human, and exactly who wants to reign in hell.

Nell says……Nervous_Nell 50

The first thing that caught my eye was the cover – what a beautiful cover!  The next was the description of the book.  I’ve never read something with THREE protagonists in a relationship together.  I’m very interested in this twist because I see it very rarely-actually, this is probably only the second time.  The third thing that caught my attention was the author’s website title.  I nearly snorted coffee out my nose when I read it.  It’s called….are you ready?  It’s called “I write things my wife prefer I not do.”  That is hilarious – it’s probably true – but it still is hilarious. I’d love to meet his wife because I thinks she sounds cool.  Oh – sorry, Terry, I wouldn’t mind meeting you too.  (Oops.)  Anyway, check this title out because I know I’m going to.  By the way, there is a short story that is free on Amazon right now:  Call of Shadows- The Fearless #0

call of shadowsStory descriptionHave you ever seen a roadside cross, and wondered why it was there? What if it isn’t a memorial, signifying a loss and memory of a loved one?
What if the cross is bait? Would you visit a haunted cross? Even if you knew the ghost was real, and had a taste for human flesh?
How badly do you want to find out?


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I read, read and then read. I love my life as a reviewer because I get to meet some awesome people who love books too. It's a fantastic world to live in!My favorite genres: Urban Fantasy, Regency Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Thrillers, Paranormal Mysteries, Vampire Romance, Historical, Contemporary or Futuristic Mysteries and Thrillers, Steampunk Fantasy and Mysteries, Police Procedurals and Political Thrillers.

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