Demon Driven by John Conroe

8826125TitleDemon Driven
Author: John Conroe
Series: Demon Accords Book 2
Publish Date: March 16, 2013
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: Seven months have passed since Chris Gordon met Tanya Demidova. In that time he has adapted to the vast changes in his life. Being faster and stronger, working for a paranormal police unit and dating a vampire. But new threats appear; from the South, from the North, within the NYPD and from the U.S. government. But his greatest danger is already inside him.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (in other words, SPOILERS!).

Nell 100Nervous Nellie says…

Main characters: Chris Gordon is an NYPD officer attached to the Special Situations department.  Not much has changed except that Chris’s supernatural powers seem to be growing. Life and battle seem to be working to Chris’s advantage.   Tanya Demidova has declared that Chris is her mate and awakened her to her life and real purpose.

Other Characters: Lydia is Tanya’s handler and Gina is Chris’s handler.  Senka, one of two elder vampire, Tzao, two of two elder vampires, Briana Duclair – federal agent that has suspicions about Chris.  Okwari – spirit bear and also a very powerful demi god.

World: Modern day, vampires and a “Men in Black” government agency type of atmosphere.

badge3v4Story: Feds are intent on controlling Chris by any means necessary.  They treat him as a threat that they have to “neutralize” because the “don’t understand”.  Sound familiar?  Kill it if you don’t understand it.  The Feds somehow force the disbanding of the Special Situations Department and reallocate personnel because their cases just aren’t believable.

Overall: No cliffhanger which is a plus.  The story reads well and it’s not hard to stay interested.  Be sure to leave your disbelieve at the front door because the protagonist is really quite indestructible. There is no real crime or case to solve just minor obstacles to overcome.

Vagabond_Vahn100Vagabond Vahn says…

I devoured this book; metaphorically – I didn’t actually eat it…  Like certain other Urban Fantasy novels, the entries in the Demon Accords series are capable of being consumed in one to three sittings, provided they draw you in.  That was the case for me with Demon Driven.

The Good: There are very low levels of Spoon Feeding here.  The recaps are quick and painless.

There is a bit more development of characters.  Some interesting side drama fleshes out the squad but isn’t a hindrance to the story.  The author shows that he obviously has plans for the side characters that extend beyond this entry.

The romance is perfect from my perspective.  It’s there, it’s given a nod, and then the story moves on efficiently.

While Nell mentioned there is no cliffhanger, the author keeps with his trend of including an epilogue that takes everything a step further, and makes it obvious that this simply concludes an episode and allows room for more to come.

The Bad: Honestly, there are only two things that bug me.  Please allow me a moment to rant…

Like book one, Chris says “ah” entirely too much for both my taste, and my ability to accept.  I say “Ah” when I’ve figured something out, or when correcting someone – not to respond every time I’m spoken to.  For you readers who can be pulled from a scene by excessive use of the same word or phrase, be aware.

Second and last, is the fact that Chris hangs on to being a “freak” entirely too long.  Multiple characters took time in book one, and more so in book two, explaining that he is attractive to most women and some men, and why.  Let’s hope the next book shows some progress on this front, because it’s getting redundant.  End rant!

badge3v4The Conclusion: Like Nell, I’m giving this three.  I am very close to giving it four.  Perhaps the next book will tip it over the edge.  The book is strong, and a great second entry! As Nell mentioned, the character is nigh indestructible – but I find this refreshing.  It’s difficult to pull that off with a main character without it becoming boring, but author John Conroe pulls it off well.  I recommend the series!

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