Site Changes and Upcoming Events

Invested_Ivana_100As you may have noticed, we have been making some changes to One Book Two over the last few weeks. Since we’re all new to blogging and website design, we’ve been trying to figure out some good ways to make the site available, useful, and interesting. Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

  • The widget at the top of the sidebar on the right will display post categories, tags, and archives depending on which little icon you click. Hopefully this will make it easier to find reviews for books you like.
    • The green folder on the widget displays post categories. We’ve organized the categories so you can find reviews by rating, genre, protagonist gender, or reviewer. Other posts are grouped by feature.
    • The blue tag displays posts by authors’ names. Click the name to see reviews by that author.
    • The white clock displays posts by month.

widget buttons

  • We’ve been working on graphics for our rating system. I LOVE some of the rating graphics I’ve seen on other blogs: bats, blood drops, crowns, dragonflys, stars, bookshelves. They’re all so neat. Our own Vagabond Vahn has designed some great rating badges for us that convey numerically and descriptively how we feel about a book. We’re really excited about them.

badge5v3_png badge4v3_png badge3v3_png badge2v3_png badge1v3_png

  • To get an expanded description of our ratings and see how we define genres, you can view our new Rating and Genre Guide page. Both ratings and genre assignments will always be somewhat subjective, but this page attempts to keep reviewers and readers somewhat on the same page.
  • Speaking of page, we’ve been trying to figure out what things we can put on our page’s sidebar would be most useful to reader. Do you like seeing a blogroll? Links to authors’ websites? Upcoming reviews? We’re always open to your feedback on this one.
  • We’ve added our site to Bloglovin’ and Feedly and are trying to figure out how best to format our reviews and posts to show up well on those services. I’ve been transferring my personal list of blogs I follow away from email and to Bloglovin to keep an eye on things there. We’re also working on fixing things on Google+; we know our posts haven’t been showing up there as we’d like.
  • We also now have 7 reviewers working to bring you great book reviews!  See our newest additions, Fickle Fiona and Percy Procrastinator, on the About Reviewers page.

As always, tell us what you like or don’t like. We’re always up for learning how to make the site better. 🙂

As for what’s coming up next, we have some neat ideas in the works. Sometime late this summer or early fall, we’re going to be a doing a big book giveaway event. We’re also working on a Best Of 2015 program to identify the best books we have reviewed for the year.  Our readers, authors, and reviewers will all have input into the winners! We’re still working out all the details, but stay tuned for these and other exciting announcements!


About Invested Ivana

I'm currently a freelance line editor, a book blogger at One Book Two, and lifetime reader. I like geeky things. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Red Adept Editing or any of my clients, the other reviewers on this site, or this site as a whole.

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