Rabbit Trick by Alex Hughes

Rabbit Trick 2Welcome to Saturday Shorts where we feature short stories and novellas.

The Mindspace Investigation series is a great mix of science fiction, urban fantasy, and noir mystery.  This prequel novella will give you a taste for the characters, the setting, and the clever writing.  I’m sure after reading “Rabbit Trick”, you’ll want to pick up the whole series!

Title: “Rabbit Trick
Author: Alex Hughes
Series: Mindspace Investigations 0.5
Publish Date: March 4, 2014
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: When the cops call me in the middle of the night, I know it’s bad. One of their own is dead, strangled in her car by a professional killer, and it’s up to me, telepath consultant extraordinaire, to pull the rabbit out of my hat and solve the case. Only this time I’m not so sure I can.

Homicide Detective Isabella Cherabino is breathing down my neck. The dead cop’s partner is too. And now, the worst–there was a five-year-old kid in the car, a kid no one can find.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novella (in other words, SPOILERS!!)

Invested_Ivana_50What do you think it would be like being a telepath, Nell?  Both good and bad, I imagine.  Whose mind would you most like to be able to hear and why?

Nervous_Nellie_50Hmmmm…… My spouse, I think.  I can never tell what he’s thinking.  Mad, sad – whatever.  It looks all the same to me.  I don’t think being a telepath would be fun at all.  I think feeling the thoughts of emotional pain would be horrible. Also, you would be able to see the thoughts of the people who had done bad things.  It would be hard to sustain self-confidence too, I think.  What do you think it’d be like?

Invested_Ivana_50I think there would be some distinct advantages.  I might finally discover if my boss really hates me or is just clueless.  I’d know for sure what my dogs want when they stare at me.  But, even if you learn how to shield a lot, I think it would be a very hard way to live.  It would drive me to be more of a hermit than I already am, I think.

Nervous_Nellie_50So true. I really like the whole premise behind Mindspace Investigations.  I think the author does a fabulous job of describing the world in which this story takes place.  Her characters are really strong too, don’t you think?

Invested_Ivana_50The characters feel very real to me.  The protagonist can get a little whiny, and his partner can get a little bitchy.  But I think both of those attitudes come from the pain in their pasts and their struggles to get beyond that and become who they really want to be.  We’ve all experienced being caught up in the pain and frustration of our own pasts.

Nervous_Nellie_50I think you are right.  “He”, since we don’t have a name for the protagonist, is whiny.  I think he was pretty special in his day.  Level 8 telepath.  Precognition.  The whole works.  I can see why people would be uncomfortable around him.  Maybe he’s whiny because he’s somewhat entitled?

Invested_Ivana_50I imagine so.  You know how it is when some big hot-shot doesn’t get their way.  They act worse than a two-year old child!  To go from being a hot shot to being less than nothing in most peoples’ eyes can’t be easy.

Nervous_Nellie_50Nope.  Not easy at all.  Rabbit Trick was a quick read, I thought.  I think it’d be a good stand alone if a person would want a taste of Mindspace Investigations before committing to Clean, Payoff and Sharp. I feel that the author does a good job of filling in so a person wouldn’t be lost if they chose to read out of order.

Invested_Ivana_50Yep, I agree.  Hey, I just thought of another advantage of being a telepath!

Nervous_Nellie_50Oh, geez…. What now? 😉

Invested_Ivana_50We could each read different books, and then telepathically we could “download” that experience to the other person.  We’d go through our TBR pile in half the time!

Nervous_Nellie_50Ahh!!! Always looking for the positive!!

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

I love this series. I loved this series before this series was cool. Just sayin’. 🙂 The first book Alex wrote pulled me in so fiercely that I couldn’t reemerge for at least a couple of hours after I finished. This story is a novella, so if you just want a taste, this is the one. I will warn you that it will leave you craving more of Mindspace Investigations.

badge4v4When I pick up a series, I usually have a guess to how the book will read. My guess for this series was wrong. I figured, new author (at the time) – cheesy investigator working with the police, yeah, been there done that. Um….no. This protagonist is not cheesy and this world is written in such a way that I SWEAR I’m living in the future. Our guy — we don’t know his name — is a telepath and an addict, because once addicted a person is never cured. He has cravings for his drug and over uses cigarettes as a distraction. The protagnoist got the raw deal in his life, but now that he’s working for the police department, he can use his powers for good. I had to plead for Ivana to read this series. “Please! It’s sooo good!”  She blew me off until she was ready and now she’s mad that I didn’t tell her sooner. Sheesh!  So, a piece of advice: do not wait! Try this quick read. I SWEAR it’s worth your time and money.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

I’m thoroughly invested in the Mindspace Investigations series. “Rabbit Trick” is a great introduction to the series because it tells you everything you need to know – that the protagonist is a telepath with a drug addiction who is three years clean and works for the Atlanta police. That he has more than a work-appropriate attachment to his grumpy partner, Detective Isabella Cherabino. That his value as an interviewer and investigator comes from both his natural curiosity and what he can “see” and sense with his telepathy. And that he feels his position in the department, and maybe in the world, is tenuous at best.

badge4v4This novella also includes two of Hughes’s short-SHORT stories, unrelated to the Mindspace series. Hughes really excels at fascinating shorts, so be sure to check them out.

The Mindspace Investigation series is one of my top favorites, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Then definitely go on reading the Mindspace Investigation series. As of right now, there are five novels and two novellas, so there’s plenty here to keep you busy. If you need more convincing, we’ll be reviewing the first novel in the series, Clean, very soon!


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