Do You Do Anything Willingly Besides Read?

800c0112cef934e49406af353b4d1540This was recently emailed to me by a well meaning relative. I don’t think she meant that I was supposed to DO anything about this problem, she was just bringing it to my attention. Even if she did mean I was supposed to adjust my lifestyle, I think it might be too late for me. At first, my reaction was, “HEY! That’s not really true!” My indignant response made my relative giggle. She patted my hand and handed me my Kindle like I was an out of control child that needed her “blankie.” I glared a hole right though that relative of mine and huffily threw myself on the couch and started reading. That’ll learn her!

After the initial couple of sentences, her words started to haunt me. Is it true? Do I not willingly do anything other than read? Well, folks, I came to the realization that statement is unerringly accurate. I go to work because I have to earn money to buy books. I eat because I have to keep up my strength to buy and read books. Do I visit family? Not if I don’t have to. Do I go out with friends? I’d rather stay in. I feed my pets because I need companionship… well, that’s not totally true. I feed my pets because they’d maul me if I didn’t. Safety first.

Girls Reading Bible 2Holy cow. What does one do when one has an epiphany like that? *shrug* I guess unless I’m reading while driving to work, I’m not really hurting much of anything. I should be more social, you say? What about my friends, you ask? The friends that matter are book readers too and they are all about “I can’t talk to you right now, I’m reading!” or “I’ll talk to you after the next chapter!” I usually don’t hear from them until a text arrives in the middle of the night: “I finished my book.  Now, what did you want?” The relatives that matter are a book readers too, except for my mom, and that’s a given that she’d matter to me.

cdaef7aefd9265c06db76c93bdaeafc5Yes, I suppose self isolating in order to read is probably somewhat of a sort of tiny little problem. However, all is not lost! I have one person, my spouse, for which I will purposely stop reading. Usually, it’s after a stern, “Hey! Talk to me!!” or a “You are ignoring me again!” warning. I do admit that I push him right up to the line of that stern warning before I stop, though. I’m not sure if he’ll ever give up, but he’s been at if 25 years, so I’ll take that as a good sign that he won’t.


About Nervous Nell Justice

I read, read and then read. I love my life as a reviewer because I get to meet some awesome people who love books too. It's a fantastic world to live in!My favorite genres: Urban Fantasy, Regency Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Thrillers, Paranormal Mysteries, Vampire Romance, Historical, Contemporary or Futuristic Mysteries and Thrillers, Steampunk Fantasy and Mysteries, Police Procedurals and Political Thrillers.

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  1. Is spending time reading any less valid than watching a movie, or going to a bar, or playing a game of basketball? It’s a hobby, I think you should be able to spend your free time any way you like.

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