Update to Review Chaos Company by Christopher Slayton

On June 26, 2015 I uploaded my review for Christopher Slayton’s Chaos Company.  In that review I went into detail about the lack of editing in the novel.  I have since updated my review, and I recommend taking a look!

CCIn a bizarre twist, despite Slayton having a well edited final draft, the version uploaded to Amazon’s Kindle Store was an older unedited version – and that is the version I bought.  Slayton eventually realized this, and contacted myself and a variety of others who had purchased the novel and let us know what happened.  He provided the final draft to me, so I took the time go back through it.

As you’ll see in my updated review, I was happy to find very few issues with editing – no more than most other novels out there.  It is a solid 3, which here on One Book Two signifies a Good novel.

I thank author Christopher Slayton for catching this, as the final version is a completely different experience, and one that will allow me to look forward to the next installment!

See the updated review here.


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  1. I’m currently about halfway through the novel and followed the advise to purge the earlier form and download the new but am still finding lots of errata. I think I got another old form which is disappointing.

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  2. You might try contacting the author directly. He was very gracious about distributing the updated copy to anyone who had an older version. cslayton@udel.edu.


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