Spider’s Trap by Jennifer Estep

Spiders Trap

Spider’s Trap is a fun, and classic, Gin Blanco adventure.  Fan’s will enjoy watching Gin kicking ass and taking names.

TitleSpider’s Trap
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Elemental Assassin Book 13
Publish Date: July 28, 2015
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: NetGalley
Audiobook Sample Clip – Available July 28th on Audible

Publisher’s Description: Keep your friends close but your enemies within stabbing distance.

One important lesson I’ve learned in the assassination business is that to be the best you have to roll with the punches. Now that I’m queen of Ashland’s underworld—by default, not by choice—a lot more punches are being thrown my way. But I suppose that’s the price of victory for taking down some of the underworld’s top dogs. Good thing I have my Ice and Stone magic to help me survive my volatile new position. Just when I think things are finally settling down, someone tries to murder me during a hush-hush underworld meeting. But the real surprise is how strangely familiar my shadowy assailant seems to be.

My job is to maintain order among killers, crooks, and thieves, and soon I’m embroiled in a bloody game where the ability to keep secrets could be the greatest superpower of all. My enemies have all sharpened their knives and laid their traps, waiting for me to fall. But this Spider weaves her own webs of death…


ivana 100Invested Ivana says…

Let me first say that you will never get an unbiased review of the Elemental Assassin series from me.  So, fair warning.  I LOVE Gin Blanco.  Gin is the part of me that really wishes I could stab asshats in the kidney and bathe in bloody justice.  She’s all my revenge fantasies come to life.  She’s the part of me that scares the crap out of Nell.

If you have read the series, you’ll know what I mean.  If you haven’t, don’t let me scare you off.  Gin is a good person and a protagonist you can care about.  But she’s a “retired” assassin, and the way she knows how to deal with dangerous asshats is to slice their throats with her knives.  Thus the bloody justice.

Gin’s world is not like our world.  It’s a highly stylized and very corrupt world centered around Ashland, a southern town where Gin and her friends live.  If you find yourself wondering why Gin doesn’t just move to a different town, you’re missing the point.  It’s kinda like asking why Batman doesn’t just leave Gotham.  Ashland is an essential character in the Elemental Assassin stories.

In this installment, a new threat has come to Ashland and is putting Gin and her friends in jeopardy.  So, Gin does what she always does – hunts it down and eliminates it.  Along the way she learns about pieces of her past she has forgotten.

I’m not going to say that any amazing new things are revealed about Gin or her friends – no major character developments, no huge surprises from the past (until the very end!).  I can’t even say this story anything really new for the series (except that Gin seems to get her ass kicked more than in any other book).  But it’s FUN!  It’s a fun adventure mystery romp, very much like the early books in the series, but without as much angst.

Okay, I lied.  There is one new element – we get to see Gin adapt to her defacto role as head of the criminal world.  It reminds me of the TV series Angel when Angel and company are given the very criminal supernatural legal firm, Wolfram & Heart, to run.  What would you do if you had all your enemies’ resources?  Could be interesting. 😉

badge4v4I’m heavily invested in Gin, Owen, Finn, Bria, Jo-Jo, Sophia, and all of Gin’s friends, so reading this book was pure delight.  I got to visit with my friends and watch them kick ass to set the world right.  Sounds like a fantastic time to me. 😀

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  1. Nervous Nell Justice

    You forgot Owen. How could you forget Owen! I can’t believe you forgot to mention the heart throb *swoon* Owen. Geez. You missed the boat, ‘vana!

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