How to Drive Yourself Crazy as a Writer by Alex Hughes

This funny little book accomplishes with humor and satire what logic can’t – helping writers get over their doldrums and objections and start being productive.

How To Drive YourselfTitleHow to Drive Yourself Crazy as a Writer: A Modest Proposal for Wordsmiths
Author:  Alex Hughes
Publish Date:  July 28, 2015
Genre:  Non-Fiction, Humor
Source: Provided by the author

Publisher’s Description: Lately I’ve been noticing a distressing excess of sanity in the creative and writing worlds. Why, new writers have even begun to challenge the Great Assertion that one must be poor and miserable to be any good! This Assertion, as you know, is the bedrock to creating meaningful Art.

Fear not. You are not at the mercy of the forces of Sanity and Productivity. For those distressed by the relentless forward drive of Efficiency, this book will provide a refreshing antidote.

Before you know it, through my simple and practical Assertions, you too will adopt the maddening and complex process that is True Writing, and embrace creative insanity as comfortably as a bat in a belfry!

How to Drive Yourself Crazy as a Writer is the satirical how-to writing book you never knew you needed, chock-full of practical advice and easy steps to fill your creative life with trauma, missteps and angst.

Take another look at the life of a writer, and immerse yourself in the hysterical chaos of the life of a miserable, starving-in-a-garret author… or, perhaps, laugh your way to the other side of writer’s block.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

“How can one possibly be accomplishing Great Art if one is not overwhelmed by ennui and horror of life?”

Do you know a writer –or a wanna-be writer – who has trouble getting past their emotional doldrums to actually produce work?  Then here is the perfect gift for them!  Spur them past self-pity, past writer’s block, past ennui with exaggeration, reverse psychology, and humor.

Written from the perspective that artists must, by nature, but sensitive and emo for true ART to be accomplished, this satirical self-help book describes now NOT to be a writer, especially a successful writer.

badge3v4I particularly liked the exercises at the end of each chapter.  If the exercises are actually done, they will give the reader a How-To and How-Not-To blueprint for being a writer.

Non-writers or artists might not get the humor of this book, but those creative types certainly will.  When they are stymied and fussing and wallowing in self-pity, throw them a laugh-line by getting them this book.  They’ll be writing again in no time.


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