Shannon in the Lion’s Den by eden Hudson

Welcome to Saturday Shorts where we feature short stories and novellas.  Shannon in the Lion’s Den is another jaw-dropping story from eden Hudson.  I really can’t say enough good things about this woman’s writing.

ShannonTitle:  Shannon in the Lion’s Den
Author:  eden Hudson
Series: Redneck Apocalypse 0.5
Publish Date:  April 29, 2014
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: You got to pay to play…

At just twenty-two years old, Shannon Colter has everything she’s ever wanted. She’s an international rock star, her guitar playing is better than it’s ever been, and she never has to worry about going hungry again.

But behind the scenes, Shannon’s world is falling apart. Her bandmates hate her, the music she used to love is driving her insane, the only escape she can find from the noise is sex, and the messiest breakup of her pre-rock-star life, Danny Whitney, just blew into town.

To top it all off, the deal Shannon made with the devil just came due. Now the forces of Hell have been unleashed against her with one objective: Destroy.

Hell wants her, but he wants her more…

Danny Whitney is the quintessential good boy. He reads his Bible and prays. He works hard and gets good grades. He’s just five weeks and one senior thesis from graduating seminary at the top of his class.

But there was always something about Shannon that drove Danny a little bit crazy. Something that made him want to sacrifice everything good, just for her. Even now, five years after she wrecked his heart, he would do anything to keep her safe.


Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

I read this short story a while ago, and much like I did with Halo Bound, I sat on the review for a while – not because I don’t like the story, but because I like it SO much, I’m not sure how to review it.

Shannon in the Lion’s Den features Shannon Colter and Danny Whitney before they were the parents of the Whitney boys from Halo Bound.  It’s clear that mental illness, dysfunction, and stubborn determination run in the Whitney/Colter family.

Two things particularly touched me in this story.  When almost anyone else would have written Shannon off as crazy, too much risk and drama for a relationship, Danny believes he has been given the care of her and has failed in his duty to stay with her and protect her.  I was stunned, and very moved, that anyone would view a crazy relationship in such a way.

Second, I really appreciated learning more about Tiffany and her relationship to Shannon—and thus Shannon’s children.  It puts a new spin on her character in Halo Bound and is pretty important for Book 2, Hell Bent.

badge5v4As with Halo Bound, I know this story isn’t going to be for everyone.  There is still massive dysfunction, betrayal, and pain.  But there is also love and dedication and noble struggles to do the right thing.  I absolutely loved it.

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