The Murder’s Daughter: A Novel by Jonathan Kellerman

When I think Jonathan Kellerman, my mind automatically goes to Alex Delaware so when Jonathan releases a new book with a new female protagonist, I sit up and take notice.

9780345545312Title: The Murder’s Daughter: A Novel
AuthorJonathan Kellerman
Publish Date:  August 18, 2015
Genre:  Suspense
Source: NetGalley

Publisher’s DescriptionA brilliant, deeply dedicated psychologist, Grace Blades has a gift for treating troubled souls and tormented psyches—perhaps because she bears her own invisible scars: Only five years old when she witnessed her parents’ deaths in a bloody murder-suicide, Grace took refuge in her fierce intellect and found comfort in the loving couple who adopted her. But even as an adult with an accomplished professional life, Grace still has a dark, secret side. When her two worlds shockingly converge, Grace’s harrowing past returns with a vengeance.

Both Grace and her newest patient are stunned when they recognize each other from a recent encounter. Haunted by his bleak past, mild-mannered Andrew Toner is desperate for Grace’s renowned therapeutic expertise and more than willing to ignore their connection. And while Grace is tempted to explore his case, which seems to eerily echo her grim early years, she refuses—a decision she regrets when a homicide detective appears on her doorstep.

An evil she thought she’d outrun has reared its head again, but Grace fears that a police inquiry will expose her double life. Launching her own personal investigation leads her to a murderously manipulative foe, one whose warped craving for power forces Grace back into the chaos and madness she’d long ago fled.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Ruby LRuby_Lee 100ee says…

The escapades of Alex Delaware have escorted me during my travels all over this country. In grad school, his books on tape were my go to entertainment to keep me awake for my 12 hour car ride home. (Yes, I said books on tape. Do not judge. Someday, you will say “I listened to books on my Ipod” and people 20 years younger than you will snicker at your elderliness.) I feel Alex and I have a bond that readers only feel for characters that are with them through decades of ups and downs so I was excited when I saw that that Jonathan was adding a new character to my family. However it didn’t quite turn out how I expected.

Things I Liked: Jonathan Kellerman has a command of the English language that makes you believe what he writes. The puzzle pieces of the story fit together nicely. The character of Grace was well thought out and well-formed. I believed she existed right from the start and was pulling for her until the end. This book is well done from start to finish

Things I Didn’t Like: My problem is that I couldn’t connect with Grace but that was the whole point of the book. Grace’s character is of someone that never attaches to anyone and Jonathan writes her brilliantly. He did it so well that I felt emotionally distant from his character. Because I couldn’t connect, this book could not pull me into its grasp. There was never a point I couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed the story but I didn’t bond to the character and the left the story feeling very cold to me.

Conclusion: I am giving The Murder’s Daughter a four rating. This is a well written book withbadge4v4 a masterfully told story. The characters are well formed and completely believable. This book didn’t have what I look for in books that I love but that doesn’t mean I should punish this book with a lower rating. If you love character studies… read this book. If you love suspense and drama… read this book. If you love great writing… read this book. But if you are looking for someone to make you feel warm and fluffy inside… keep walking.

Lucyfer’s Corner

Lucy Face

3 paw prints – I loved the utter evilness of the main villain and was sad that he could be taken down so easily. I was totally expecting a James Bond type of elaborate plan where the reader gets to hear the inner workings of the villains head. But alas, there was no evil plan. There were no killer sharks with ray guns on their heads or bombs strapped to the parachutes the main character uses as she gets sucked out of a plane. If the author needed an evil plan, he could have come to me. I have hundreds of them.

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