Vampire Dead-tective by Mac Flynn

Welcome to Saturday Shorts where we feature short stories and novellas.  Vampires, paranormal romance and thriller.  Three of my favorite descriptors for a book.

Vampire Deadtective Mac FlynnTitleVampire Dead-tective
Author: Mac Flynn
SeriesDead-tective #1
Publish Date: April 7, 2014
Genre:  Paranormal Mystery
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description:  Paranormal romance thriller episodes revolving around a pair of unlikely partners in their quest for truth, justice, and a pint of blood.

There are those who hunt the night, and then there’s Liz Stokes. She’s a normal woman with an abnormal roommate until he up and gets himself murdered. Now she’s inherited his unique ring and even more unique business partner, and the world of the paranormal is sprung on her like a surprise birthday party nobody wants. Together the pair find out that they don’t like each other. A lot. The catch? They can’t kill each other or the survivor will die, too.

Now Liz has to navigate this new and frightening world while dealing with her equally new and frightening companion. It’s a mad chase with mad scientists, men in black, and cop werewolves who want to take more than a bite out of crime.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (in other words, SPOILERS!)

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

The Good:  The premise of this little novella is awesome.  It’s right up my alley.  Mac Flynn is an accomplished writer and her descriptions of scenes are very good.

The Bad:  Liz Stokes tries very hard to be snarky and funny, but she falls short.  The vampire, Vincent, is a first class jerk.  I’m not talking a little bit… I’m talking a lot of bit.  If he is supposed to be the vampire in the vampire romance, he’s gonna have to do a lot of schmoozing to gain any affection out of me.  *scoff* What a jerk.  The premise is that Liz’s roommate is a detective (PI) and Vincent is part of his protection system – unwillingly, I might add.  Liz’s roommate gets himself killed and Liz inherits the agency and Vincent….. again, unwillingly.

badge2v4The Ugly:  The first novella doesn’t have much resolution.  It really feels like the book got split and is being sold as a chopped up Chevy.

I would like to see how this little drama plays out because if Vincent is the other half of this romance, he’s gotta work pretty hard to convince me.  I would also like it if my review didn’t taint your decision to try this first of the series.  It’s free on Kindle for a short period of time.  If you download it and read it, I would really like for you to get back to me about what you think.  Just because I wasn’t keen on it doesn’t mean it isn’t a good choice for someone.

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  1. I live it when they’re free. I’m less enamored of the idea of a serial, because it seems like fit some reason they think we won’t notice when we’re paying 12 buck for the equivalent a single book.

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