One Book Two Hosts Book Read Alongs!

Invested_Ivana 50Hi Kat!  Hey, great reviews you’ve been doing!  Our reader’s really seem to like them.  I wanted to ask you more about these read alongs you’re hosting.  What can you tell me about them?

Kat_Mandu_50_flippedRead alongs are like book club. Whether it’s long time fans coming together to discuss their favorite things or readers experiencing a new book for the first time. They’re about reading and sharing your feelings, good or bad. The group picks one book or a series, sets a deadline on when to finish, and then discusses what they thought.

Invested_Ivana 50So, we all read the book at the same time and then get on line at a specific time and talk about it?  Like we’ve been doing for the Mindspace Investigation series by Alex Hughes?

Kat_Mandu_50_flippedYes and no. We can schedule online discussions at specific times, but we can also create groups on Goodreads, Google, or Facebook to discuss them as we go along – everyone has different schedules and being part of a group enables us to chat about them freely and at the leisure of everyone participating. But doing a live chat is also very fun and will be an option for all read alongs!

Invested_Ivana 50Neat!  So, when does the next read along start?  And what are you reading?

Kat_Mandu_50_flippedI’m currently doing two separate read alongs – the one mentioned earlier, Mindspace Investigations by Alex Hughes, and an urban fantasy series by Kim Harrison called the Hollows. For the Mindspace, we are currently reading Marked and for the Hollows we are about to finish up A Perfect Blood. The next scheduled read along begins October 20th and involves the Jasper Dent series by Barry Lyga, a young adult horror/thriller trilogy.

Invested_Ivana 50I love the Hollows and Mindspace!  I haven’t heard of Jasper Dent, though.  How do I get signed up for that one.  It sounds interesting.

Kat_Mandu_50_flippedTo participate in a read along, feel free to email me or message me on Goodreads. I’ll provide information about the series and when it will begin, then get some insight on personal scheduling and what works best for you as you read.

Invested_Ivana 50Okay, I’ll do that.  Do you have any other read alongs planned for the rest of the year?

Kat_Mandu_50_flippedI do! After the Barry Lyga YA trilogy, we’ll be tackling the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn, a read along that begins the first of January in 2016. All others are scheduled for the following year as well!  You can find the year’s schedule on the Read Along page on this site.

Invested_Ivana 50Oh, sweet!  I’m two books behind on Kitty Norville; I’m definitely getting in on that one!  I imagine some of our authors would be thrilled to have us do a read along of their book.  Do you take requests for specific books?

Kat_Mandu_50_flippedI do – however, I have specifics. I prefer to do read alongs based on series that are complete – Kitty Norville, for example, will be finished right before the read along begins, making it a fun thing to do – read every book up to the end! All the read alongs on the schedule are completed trilogies or series.

Invested_Ivana 50That makes sense.  I LOVE reading series once they’re all done.  It’s like binge-watching shows on Netflix — it all makes so much sense when you see/read them all together.  I think this is a really fun idea, Kat.  I’m glad you’re organizing them for us and our readers.

Kat_Mandu_50_flippedI’m happy to be here! Reading is a passion and hooking up with other readers and fans makes reading something together very fun!


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