Original Riftwar Novels By Feist and Wurts Available As Ebooks!

Riftwar SagaOMGOMGOMG! I am so excited! Just recently Anne McCaffery’s Harper Hall Trilogy became available in ebook format. I was terribly excited for that, but TODAY I received notification that most of the books in the original Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist and the companion series, The Empire Trilogy by Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts, are available as ebooks, too! I just may faint with joy!

It’s been quite a while since I read high fantasy, but the first three books in the Riftwar Saga are probably my favorite example of the genre. They were given to me by my estranged, and now deceased, father on one of the rare times in my life I visited him. Now, he also gave me the Thomas Covenant chronicles, so I can’t say his taste is flawless, but at least he got one series right. 🙂

Empire TrilogyThe Empire Trilogy is a companion series to The Riftwar Saga, a story told from the other side of the rift. I LOVE this trilogy even more than the original, in all honesty.  A young girl becomes the head of her family and has to fight to keep it in a world of overly traditional males. The Asian setting and culture, the spycraft and politics, and the romance between Mara and outworld “slave” is beautiful.

Currently, Books 2 and 3 of the Riftwar Saga and all three books in the Empire Trilogy are available in ebook format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ll admit that some of them maybe a bit overpriced. I probably should have waited until they went on sale, but I’ve already been waiting SO LONG, that I just snatched them up. There is a teaser on Amazon for the first Riftwar book, Magician, so I hope that means it will be released soon.  I can’t WAIT to reread all these books.

What books are you waiting on in ebook format? I have a list of them and keep clicking the link on the Amazon page that says “I want to read this book on Kindle.” Could it possibly be they actually listened?


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