The Waking Serpent by Terry Maggert

This is Book 3 in the The Fearless series, previous books being The Forest Bull (Book 1) and  Mask of the Swan (Book 2), with Call of the Shadows as the prequel.

The Waking Serpent Terry MaggertTitleThe Waking Serpent
Author: Terry Maggert
SeriesThe Fearless Book 3
Publish Date: April 14, 2014
Genre:  Horror
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description:  Evil is never still. Something wicked is crossing the sea, a creature so old that none even remember its name– but it has not forgotten the taste of blood. With a succubus ally, a brave priest, and new friends who seem a little less human than most, The Fearless will meet the greatest challenge of their lives. An ancient adversary is stopping by to avenge a wrong from the depths of time in a fight to the death that will bring a goddess to Florida for the best reason of all: Revenge.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (in other words, SPOILERS!)


“My eyes found Gyro, who had begun barking at a lizard with enthusiasm.  The lizard goggled one eye at him from its perch on one of the boat davits and gave him the unmoving, reptillian equivalent of a middle finger.  For a critter who weighed less than an ounce, it didn’t appear that he scared easily.  Score one for the lizard.”

Nervous Nellie says…

Overview:   Something bad is coming.  It has awakened and it is hungry.  It has revenge in its tiny and withered heart as it cuts a swath of death a mile wide as it moves.  Reports flood the intel gatherers and every demon hunter that has any experience… or sense… is running for the hills.  Wally, Risa and Ring have unintentionally made a name for themselves after the death of Elizabeth, so they have been elected by default to “take care of business”.

Ends are tied up with Stacia, Davis and Dieter.  Elizabeth’s vicious cruelty to humans as well as her “children” was so profound that she really deserves to be brought back to endure the torture she forced upon others… over and over again.  I found Dieter’s story absolutely fascinating and kudos given to him as he played his long game.  The deviousness of these evil “Undying” rivals what legendary horrors actual men of history have committed upon their people and I and hope with every last corpuscle in my heart that no one should ever live through such abominable experiences again.

Delphine is back and she is finally overcoming her self loathing and decides she wants to relearn what it is to be a human.  She wants to feel again.  She has made actual friends that really care what happens to her and she found that she likes that feeling.  (Psst… told me she’s gonna get her own series.  Don’t tell him I told you. ;-))

Warning:  While ends are tied up, there are leads introduced and purposely left hanging – in order to drag us all into the next episode.

The Good:  I love this series.  Absolutely love it.  It isn’t a mystery, per se, more of adventures in the life of demon hunters and the demons they hunt with history thrown into the mix.  The evil “Undying” are decidedly very, very evil with no doubt left in my mind that they should be put out of their misery.  The writing is very good and the story is very tight and not complicated to follow.  Another huge plus for me is there is enough room for humor to come out and play.

If you like audio books, please, PLEASE try this series in audio.  You will not be disappointed.  The narrator, Rebecca Cook, is what I would call top shelf.  I mean higher than top shelf.  I’d say she is on the highest shelf that I could reach, but since I am short that is not saying much.  Between the author’s writing and the narrator’s voices, these characters come to life and become walking, talking people who you would like to sit across the table from and have a beer.

badge5v4The Bad:  There is quite a little blood, gore and battle related injuries.  Lot’s of poor people falling to the hands of evil before the evil is vanquished.  There are references to characters, weapons and places that may need the help of your favorite search engine on the internet, but for me that is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys….but that’s a whole different subject.

The Ugly:  There is no ugly, unless you want something fluffy.  This story is not fluffy.  Please read these books in order or else the story won’t make sense.

(The teasing of the author starts here-don’t take me seriously…) Please DO NOT argue with the author about what his characters look like.  He has a Pinterest casting board  and experience has taught me that my reviewer status has NO clout when trying to convince him he is mistaken in the appearance his main protagonist, Ring Hardigan.  Just go along with him, even if he is wrong.  ;-P  Here is my casting board for The Fearless Series.

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  1. I DID NOT ARGUE WITH YOU. . . .even if you are right. Sort of. Your persistence vexes me! 🙂

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