Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head by Eric Tanafon

You think you know the story of Robin Hood – but you’d be wrong.

Wolf's HeadTitle: Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head
Author: Eric Tanafon
Publish Date: July 6, 2015
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Source: Provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Publisher’s Description: A hermit finds an outlaw, who gives his name only as John, dying at the forest’s edge. He nurses John back to health and in return, John tells him Robin Hood’s true story. Cursed by chance, he hunts the King’s deer as a wolf when the full moon rises, and leads a pack of shape-changers like himself who worship the goddess of the woodlands. He wins Marian’s love when she escapes prison, shoots in the great archery contest where the prize is a werewolf-killing silver arrow, struggles with the vengeful Sheriff of Nottingham and the berserker Guy of Gisbourne, and at last dies…only to be reborn.

But one question remains—who is John, and what dark enemy still watches him from the forest, waiting for a chance to strike?

Possible Spoilers Ahead

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

In this series of stories within a story, Tanafon twists a new tale about Robin Hood and his gang, giving them shape- shifting abilities and endless loyalty to each other. Each story is recounted by John (and no, not Little John), a man from Robin Hood’s group who finds himself under the care of a hermit after a mysterious enemy injures him. As John tells the Hermit ballads of his epic journeys and adventures, the Hermit has to wonder if killing John – a pagan – is worth the effort, or if keeping him alive is a worse fate.

badge4v4I loved this book, so it earns a shiny four. The characters are great and I like retellings with engaging plots. Each story goes in depth with favorite characters in the Robin Hood universe and weaves tantalizing tales of suspense, love, and faith. Though some parts were a bit slow and cliché, I nevertheless enjoyed reading it.

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