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I love history.  It’s fascinating what happens in history that becomes obscure in light of more notable events.  For example,Nervous_Nellie_100 did you that Napoleon Bonaparte, among being a fierce (and possibly an insane megalomaniac) military man, was a romance writer?  They say that he was a young soldier – he was aged 26 – writing about a young soldier who was brilliant (of course, he’d have it no other way) and in love.  He wrote, Clisson et Eugénie.

“I am worried and unhappy. I feel numb. Come to me without delay. Only the sight of you will cure me. Last night I dreamt you were on your deathbed. The life had gone out of your beautiful eyes, your mouth was lifeless, you had lost all your colour. I threw myself on your body: it was icy cold. I wanted to bring you back to life with my breath, to bring you warmth and life. But you could no longer hear me. You no longer knew me.”

I have read in several different articles by people who are much more educated than me, say this shows Napoleon was an accomplished romance writer.  *wince* I can’t get on board with that. Nope.  Maybe he needed an editor?  Maybe thPainting : Napoleon at Fontainbleauat would have fast tracked his career as a writer and saved millions of people’s lives?  Maybe if he added a couple of vampires and white witch or two, I might like it more. Who knows?

The handwritten novella was only 40 pages and was fraught with ink blots and cross outs, but he should still get credit for trying to write romance, I guess.  Why did he pick romance? Well, what do you expect from a hotblooded Italian?  Italian?  Yes, Italian.  He was born in Corsica in 1769.

Did you know that he divorced his wife, who he called Josephine (because he disliked her given name of Rose so he renamed her) because after 5 years of wedded bliss *cough, choke* she was not able to conceive a child. (She only lived for 4 more years.)

I don’t know.  I just can’t align with Napoleon on his version of romance.  I also can’t seem to work up the defense for anything higher than a 1 star rating for the excerpt he allegedly wrote.  I’m sure a historian out there somewhere will become indignant to my ignorance, but for all my reading, that’s my opinion.

Now on to what you really came here for……. BOOK HUNT!!

25525171Title: Shadows of Asphodel
Author:  Karen Kincy
Series: Shadows of Asphodel #1
Description:  She never asked for the undying loyalty of a necromancer.

1913. Austria-Hungary. Ardis knows better than to save a man on the battlefield. Even if he manages to be a charming bastard while bleeding out in the snow. She hasn’t survived this long as a mercenary without some common sense.

When she rescues Wendel, it isn’t because he’s devilishly handsome, but because he’s a necromancer. His touch can revive the dead, and Ardis worries he will return from the grave to hunt her down. Besides, a necromancer can be useful in this world on the brink of war.

A gentleman of questionable morals, Wendel drops to one knee and pledges his undying loyalty to Ardis. She resists falling for him, no matter how hot the tension smolders between them. Especially when she discovers Wendel’s scars run much deeper than his skin, and it might be too late to truly save him from himself.

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