Death Magic by Eileen Wilks

Death Magic is a great murder mystery that moves the overall story arc forward in surprising ways.

Death MagicTitle:  Death Magic
Author:  Eileen Wilks
Series: World of the Lupi Book 8
Publish Date:  October 1, 2014 by
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: Special Agent Lily Yu is in Washington, D.C. with her fiancé—lupi prince Rule Turner—to testify before a Senate subcommittee about her role in the magical collapse of a mountain last month. She is not there to tell them about the strange legacy she carries from that event—or about the arcane bond between her and Rule–or what her boss in Unit Twelve of the FBI’s Magical Crimes Division is really up to. She sure won’t tell them that the lupi are at war with an Old One who wants to remake humanity in her own image.

Lily is managing the conflict between her duty as an officer of the law and the need for secrecy pretty well… until the rabidly anti-magic senator who chairs that committee is murdered. The line between right and wrong, always so clear to her, becomes hopelessly blurred as events catapult them all towards disaster, and prophecies of a cataclysmic end to the country she loves and serves–and to the entire race of lupi—seem well on their way to being fulfilled.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

I have enjoyed all of the World of the Lupi books, but I *really* enjoyed Death Magic.  I think I liked the murder mystery aspect of the story – a senator is killed and Ruben Brooks is the suspect.  Go figure out who dunnit!  There are also politics, a secret crime-fighting organization, and doppelgangers, which are really horrifying things, when you think about it.

Lily is also dealing with the clan mantle she’s carrying, and it’s having a negative effect on her.  But I LOVE how that gets resolved.

I wasn’t a big fan of the Elemental storyline; however, I wonder if there is more detail in the book vs. the audio that would make that part of the story more substantial.

badge4v4Overall, there is a LOT happening in Death Magic.  Be sure you’re caught up on the series before reading this one.

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