Book Hunt and Audio News

Invested_Ivana_100Good Morning!  Hope all our American friends had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and that all our international friends had the same.

Nell’s still in a turkey coma, so I’m taking over the book hunt today, and I have two bits of news for you.

Rabbit Trick is Free

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00009]Now is a great time to try out the Mindspace Investigations series by Alex Hughes.  The prequel short story, Rabbit Trick, is FREE from ebook retailers.  Nell and I both love the Mindspace Investigations series.  It feels like a noir mystery series, but is set in a futuristic Atlanta where telepaths of all varieties exist.  It’s a departure from our usual urban fantasy/paranormal reads in that it’s more science fiction, but the real focus is on the fantastic characters, so it will appeal to sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery fans alike.

Rabbit Trick has a great new cover, so don’t be confused if you had thought about checking it out before.  If you’re still not sure about the series, read our reviews for Rabbit Trick, the first book, Clean, and the latest novella, Fluid.

Now is a great time to start this series; the companion novella to Fluid will be out in the next few months, and the next novel will be out sometime this Spring or Summer.  If you’re an audio fan, everything but the most recent novella is available in audio as well.

Jim Dale’s Performance of Harry Potter Finally On Audible

hp banner

Jim Dale’s performance of the Harry Potter series was the launching point of my love affair with audio books.  Dale is amazing at voices!  Was anyone else a fan of the TV show Pushing Daisies?  The narrator was Jim Dale.  How about the audio of  The Night Circus?  Peter and the Starcatchers?  Yep, all Jim Dale.  I have bought audios of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and The Christmas Carol (my third copy of this tale) all so I could listen to Jim Dale’s voice.  He is just brilliant!

I’m grateful I bought all the audio CDs when they were available at the time the books were published, because I’m not sure if they’ve been available for a while, other than at libraries.  But just last week Audible announced that all the Jim Dale versions were up and available for purchase.  They all have new stylistic covers, too.  If you have not yet listened to these, now is the time to check them out.  They are amazing!

On a side note, I believe Jim Dale narrated the American audios of HP; but Stephen Fry narrated the British audios.  The Fry versions may be available through libraries, though.  I really want to hear the Stephen Fry versions of the books, too.  The HP world will always be told through Jim’s voice for me, since that is how I was introduced.  But I like Stephen Fry and want to hear those as well. 🙂


About Invested Ivana

I read fiction for entertainment and to escape my own world; so, I don’t want to read about “real” things. I read non-fiction to learn and be inspired. For the last several years, I’ve read mostly Urban Fantasy and other things supernatural. I also enjoy Historical Fiction. I love books that go deep into characters and worlds. I really want to know the characters, to be able to invest emotionally in them and their challenges. I like learning about cultures, so understanding the world is important to me as well.

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