Shadowstorm by Skye Knizley

Raven Storm is back!

26187179Title Shadowstorm
Author: Skye Knizley
SeriesStorm Chronicles #4
Publish Date:  August 28, 2015
Genre:  Dark Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: In the spring of 1984, just before his daughter’s birth, Detective Mason Storm began an investigation into the ritualistic slaying of seven women, their bodies defiled and left covered in black rose petals.

The case ended with Storm suspended. The bizarre murders were left unsolved.

Thirty years later, the killer has returned and Raven Storm has been assigned to the case, tasked to succeed where her father failed. With two bodies on her hands and only a handful of cryptic clues in a thirty year old case file, Raven steps into the darkness, determined to catch the killer before another woman dies.

But how do you solve a murder in the shadow of your father?

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (in other words, SPOILERS!)

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

Another kick ass Raven Storm book.  This one I liked much better than #3.  There was something missing in #3 for me.  I don’t know what it was, but whatever it was, it was found and I enjoyed it.

Raven is determined to solve a 30 year old mystery that was a primary case for her father, Mason.  This book was told from Raven’s point of view and also Mason’s.  I got to know Mason as a man instead of a ghost.  I really enjoyed that part.  Raven does not fall far from the tree.  Oh, she is definitely her father’s daughter.  Valentina and the dirty double crossing snake, Francis DuGuerre made small appearances.  This story was mostly about the killer that was ritualistically taking the lives of young women.  I learned a lot more about Raven’s young life and I appreciate the glimpse.  I met Rupert’s new girlfriend and Were-Eagle, Sloan.  She is awesome.  They make a great pair.  I hope she doesn’t get grossed out by the leftover condiments on Rupe’s suit and tie.  I was kind of bummed about <shriek – major spoiler ahead – shriek> Raven getting suspended and then being offered a job with the FBI.  What about Rupert?  If she moves, all the characters would change and I like the characters!

badge4v4I also had a “things that make me go hmmmmmm….. moment” was <shriek – spoiler ahead – shriek> Raven getting together with Aspen.  I really like Aspen.  She’s a great character, but to be totally honest, she doesn’t match with Raven.  I can understand Aspen falling in love with Raven – kind of a hero worship thing – but an equal relationship is hard to see.  It also feels weird because Aspen is Raven’s familiar.  Now, the relationship was not touched upon for very long because of the end of the story, but being Raven’s familiar, would that induce stronger feelings towards Raven?  I don’t know anything about it because….well…I’m not a familiar….but I’m hoping that the next book explores more of the relationship between Raven and Aspen.

One last thing.  Is it wrong to want Lord DuGuerre in the story?  I just love to hate him.  The jerk. 😉

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