Path of the Horseman by Amy Braun

Amy Braun, author of Demon’s Daughter (which we loved), nails it again with her stand-alone novel, Path of the Horseman.  We can’t get enough of Amy’s writing, so in two weeks, we’ll be reviewing the upcoming Book 2 in Amy’s Cursed series, Dark Divinity. Be sure to get in on the giveaway so you can read it for free!

25212843TitlePath of the Horseman
AuthorAmy Braun
Publish Date:  March 25, 2015
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: provided by the author

Publisher’s DescriptionThe Four Horseman are trapped in the world they desolated. Their only purpose now is to exist amongst the ruins. All of that changes with a small group of survivors…

The seal was broken, and Hell was unleashed. Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death rode over the earth, creating a super-virus that turned humans into bloodthirsty monsters, opening a path for demons, decimating nearly all natural life, causing chaos and death throughout the world.

Now that their duties have been preformed, the Four Horsemen have disbanded, reduced to human bodies and trapped in the world they destroyed. No longer the Horseman Pestilence, Avery wanders through the waste he created, slaying any undead monsters and demons that cross his path. But when Avery comes across a group of survivors looking for a safe haven, his priorities begin to change. Not that the demons are going to let him stand in the way of their plans.

Avery ended the world once, and he refuses to see the demons end it again. But to protect the last of the living, he must seek the help of his brothers, all of whom are content with sitting back and watching the world burn…

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Nervous Nellie says…Nervous_Nellie_100

Come and see the Deliverers of the Apocalypse. Tickets are five bucks at the door.  Kids get in free.

Hey! Bad guys!! Are you listening?  Have you ever thought about what would happen after you created the End of World? Amy Braun takes this concept, which, honestly, I’d never thought of, to fruition.  What happens after the “Bosses” let the 4 Horsemen out to roam, to kill every living thing, animals included?  They get bored.  That’s what happens.  Then the demons come…….

Top 5 things I loved:

  • the writing is fabulous – the scenes are descriptive and full of action
  • the characters are fascinating-never expected the “bad guys” to develop empathy – whaaaaat?
  • the plot was amazing – I really didn’t know where it would lead – the twists and turns and the frailty of the 4 Horsemen really added to the story
  • this story instills the possibility that as a human race, we are survivors
  • Hope is never a lost cause

badge4v4Overall, this story was not what I was expecting.  Don’t ask me what I was expecting because I don’t know.  All I know is that it was a good surprise.  The world set up was a bit slow, but how else is the scene going to be set? You have cities to destroy, cars to race on empty streets, stores to loot, zombies to feed, vampires that need to be created and last, but not least, there are demons to roust.  After the scene is set, it’s no holds barred action.  I totally recommend this book and this author.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

I like mythology around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  I like seeing how different people interpret it.  The character Death is one of my favorites in the TV show Supernatural.  So, I’ve had Path of the Horseman on my list for a while.  Of course, it’s one of those books I kick myself for not reading sooner. 🙂

Horseman makes me think of The Walking Dead in set-up (or any number of other zombie apocalypse shows) in that a plague has wiped out most of humanity; only this time, the plague is the work of Pestilence.  Pestilence and his brother horsemen have been loosed upon the earth to distroy humanity.  Once they have succeeded (mostly), they are stuck on earth in human bodies, alone, purposeless, abandonded by Heaven, and in the dark about what comes next.  Each brother–Pestilance, Famine, War, and Death–are dealing with the situation in his own way.

I really enjoy how author Amy Braun depicts each brother’s power as it’s being used, particularly the horses.  It’s unique, to me at least, and creative.  I like the relationships between the brothers as well; each has a distinct personality and each behaves exactly like a brother might–if a bit exaggerated to supernatural levels.  I also like the point of view this story takes — when the bad guys win, what’s left for them to do?  Much like Oppenheimer, Pestilence, at least, is agahst as what he has wrought.

badge4v4Presently, Horseman is a stand-alone novel, but the ending leaves room for future tales of the four brothers. I don’t think there are any in the works right now, but one can always hope.

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…try Amy Braun’s Cursed series.  Get in on the giveaway for Book 2 now!  If you like biblical mythology, look up the Remy Chandler series by Thomas Sniegoski.  If you’re willing to try an older series, look up the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony.  Books 1-5– about the incarnations of Death, Time, Fate, War, and Nature–are some of my all-time favorites.


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