15 Weeks of Kitty

Invested_Ivana_100I am super excited about our next One Book Two Read-Along!  Kat and I will be co-hosting 15 Weeks of Kitty – a read-along of the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn.

I have loved the Kitty series since I first read it several years ago.  But, aside from the first four novels, I’ve only read or listened to each of them once – and I haven’t read the last two at all!  This is a great chance, not only to get caught up with the series now that it’s ended, but to chat with other fans about it as well!

If you want to join us for 15 Weeks of Kitty, join the Goodreads Group, One Book Two Read-Along Group.  We’d love to have you join us!

The Kitty series is pretty long – 14 novels and one anthology – so we’ll start January 1 and go to Tax Day!  Here are the dates:

  • Kitty Midnight HourJan 1-7: Kitty and the Midnight Hour
  • Jan 8-14: Kitty Goes to Washington
  • Jan 15-21:  Kitty Takes A Holiday
  • Jan 22-28: Kitty and the Silver Bullet
  • Jan 29-Feb 4: Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand
  • Feb 5-11: Kitty Raises Hell
  • Feb 12-18:  Kitty’s House of Horrors
  • Feb 19-25: Kitty Goes to War
  • Feb26-Mar 3: Kitty’s Big Trouble
  • Mar 4-10: Kitty Steals the Show
  • Mar 11-17: Kitty Rocks the House
  • Mar 18-24: Kitty in the Underworld
  • Mar 25-31: Low Midnight
  • Apr 1-7: Kitty Saves the World
  • Apr 8-14: Kitty’s Greatest Hits

Each book starts on a Friday and ends on a Thursday.  We can start discussing a book as soon as its reading period is over.

This should be a great read and even better discussion.  We hope to see you all at the read-along!


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  1. I’m unfamiliar with this series but have read 2 Carrie Vaughn short stories in the past year and really liked both [4 & 5 stars]. What’s is Kitty’s deal?? The series that I have been wanting to start serially is Butcher’s Dresden Files the crime noir series about a modern day wizard in Chicago and his cop partner.

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    • Kitty Norville is a werewolf — yes, a werewolf named Kitty. 😉 She was forcibly turned as a young adult, is living in an abusive pack in Denver, and hosts a late-night radio talk show. I really like the series, but the best part is the first 3-4 books where Kitty is dealing with the fallout of her rape (essentially), the abuse of her pack, and being forced to come out on national TV.

      Nell wouldn’t read the series at first because the abuse Kitty suffers in the beginning of the book feels icky; but it doesn’t last long (from the reader’s perspective) and a main theme of the first few books is how Kitty overcomes her situation, defeats her abuser, and regains her life. Nell’s listened to a few more of the Kitty books in audio, but I think the abuse in the first book turned her off.

      Once that arc is mostly resolved, Vaughn introduces some really cool characters that I hope get their own book or series someday. She also introduces an ancient villain who is after Kitty. I don’t really remember all of that arc and since I haven’t read the last book yet, I don’t know how it gets resolved.

      If you want to join us on the read along, that would be awesome. Vaughn really is a good writer and has some good ideas.

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