Cybermancy by Kelly McCullough

Ravirn is in trouble again – imagine that! Feeling badly for leaving Cerice’s AI familiar in Hell, Ravirn and Melchior, his own AI, plan a trip to Hell to get her back. Bad trouble follows.

cybermancyTitle: Cybermancy
Author: Kelly McCullough
Series: Webmage Book 02
Publish Date: October 25, 2007
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: To save his girlfriend’s webgoblin, Ravirn-a sorcerer with a shape-changing laptop-must brave Hell itself. Can he do it without corrupting the magical Internet-and without facing the Lord of the Dead himself?

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

Fantastic setup. I found I could understand some of the things I’d misunderstood in the first one better once they were summarized in this book. The same with the third one. I like the idea that Ravirn’s a bit shy of his new identity.

Cerberus is introduced in this book! I love it. I love that the author portrays the three-headed dog as three different species of dogs when it comes to their heads. Three different personalities as well, driven towards one ultimate goal. One of my favorite new characters. The take McCullough has on Persephone and Hades was neat too, giving Hades a very bad mojo and Persephone a very sympathetic vibe.

Although the computer lingo was a bit better in this one, I still had some difficulty understanding some of the things. I do love the virtual bit where he stabs himself in the hand to become virtually part of the environment. I think that’s such a cool thing to do. If not a little gruesome.

Ravirn is learning stubbornly what it means to be the Raven and interacting with the Furies and other gods on a whole new level. I love it that he’s growing even though he doesn’t want to.

badge4v4Oh, and of course, the innuendo and teasings. You can always tell a person loves you when they tease you like that and poke fun at your faults without doing it in a mean way. Poor Ravirn. The goddess of chaos gets him every time.  And the relationship with Cerice became interesting, especially after the tidbit with Tisiphone in the elevator.

I love this series. Four hearts overall.

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