MythOS by Kelly McCullough

Ravirn honestly can’t catch a break.

mythosTitle: MythOS
Author: Kelly McCullough
Series: Webmage Book 04
Publish Date: March 31st 2009
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: In the 21st century, magic has advanced with the times and gone digital. But when Ravirn-a computer savvy sorcerer-is thrown into a parallel world where magic runs on a different operating system, he’ll need mad skills to get out alive.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

While repairing Necessity – the world’s supercomputer – he’s thrown into a parallel world. One where Greek gods don’t exist – and the Norse pantheon does. Now his cybermagic doesn’t work, he’s got new enemies to deal with, and he’s running out of time to fix Necessity before it’s too late. Small spoilers head.

Weirdest ending ever. It was a little too fast and abrupt and left so many questions unanswered. Like…when and why did Tisiphone decide she needed to stay in the Norse MythOS? I know she’d enjoyed some parts of it but her will to go home seemed higher up on the list than kicking back and enjoying herself.

There were some things that confused me about this book. The shrinking spells at the beginning when they met up with Ahllan after getting shipped off to the Norse MythOS (which is not explained, how or why) really got me because that whole scene was very rushed and a little off. And of course, quantum descriptions and code still confuses me since I’m not exactly the computer type.

But everything else…man, I wish I had McCullough’s brain. His blending of magic, Greek myths, and technology is just so amazing. I love Ravirn’s “I’m not a hero” personality and that he just does things out of whim without thinking about the consequences.

All the Norse big guys are out to play in this. I loved the fight scenes with Laginn and Tyr and Heimdall. I also love love love Fenrir. And on the Greek side of things, I like that Tisiphone is finally showing truer, more forgiving, more HUMAN character traits and that her decision to stay in the Norse pantheon gives her a weakness in that tough shell. Sad to see a character go, though glad she’s somewhat still part of the Norse world in her own way.

badge4v4A shiny four for the usual awesome world building, hilarious dialogue, and great characters.

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