New Year’s Resolutions

Invested_Ivana 50Hey Nell, it’s almost New Year’s Eve. One Book Two is 10 months old! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions regarding the site this year?

Nervous_Nellie_50One of my resolutions is to keep more on task. I have a list, I need to follow it. No more hareing off to read a book that’s not on my list.

Invested_Ivana 50Ooh, that’s going to be hard! But I need to do that, too. Here’s my list of resolutions for the site:

1. Set aside time to read other blogs and Goodreads discussion groups. I want keep up with other blogs, but always struggle with that.

2. Remember that WordPress assumes one space between sentences, not two. I was trained for two spaces between sentences and it’s really hard to break that habit.

3. Do a better job of balancing direct review requests with NetGalley reviews and books I buy for myself. I’m not sure how to do this yet.

Nervous_Nellie_50You have some intense resolutions with #1 & #3. When you figure out the solution, let me know. Oh, and it can’t include quitting my day job. I still need to eat! Here are my resolutions:

1. Interact with like minded bloggers more often.
2. Continue to develop good relations with authors to help both author and blog.
3. Attempt to attend more author related events.

Invested_Ivana 50Oh, author-related events. That sounds fun! We have some of those planned, too. And you want to interact with more bloggers, as well. Nice. Got any ideas for fitting in a “real” job plus family stuff with reading requests, reading books you bought, reading blogs and discussions, answering emails, talking with authors, and going to author events? I think that’s where I’m struggling. 😉

Nervous_Nellie_50I wish I had a cure-all for all the things we do including ‘day job’ stuff. I have been working on my planner (you know that organizing is a sickness of mine) and trying to get reminders and notes all in one place.

A list of ‘want to’ reads is a goal of mine, but there are so many books that look good, I have a hard time choosing anyway. I need a list of emails to return, but I just use my inbox for that. I try to use an electronic calendar, but I just never look at it. OH, the problems! Woe is me!!

Invested_Ivana 50I know. I feel the same way. Guess we’ll just have to ask for more hours in the day, huh?

Nervous_Nell 50I think you’ll get that request granted about as quickly as you would asking for a clone.

Maybe I should cut down on the books I read? I’ve got 110 done for this year, but if I do 1/2 that, like say, 52 (one per week) then I’d have extra time? I know that’s easy to say, but do you suppose I could stick with that? I’d hate to give up my 100 per year goal, though.

Invested_Ivana 50Oh, wow. Yes, that would give us more time, but my goal has always been 100 books in a year. It would feel like slacking if I didn’t make that, and I’d fall even farther behind than I am now! Maybe a better goal would be to reduce the amount of books we buy next year? Since we could keep completely busy with just request.

Nervous_Nellie_50I have reduced the amount of books I’ve bought. You should be very proud of me – I’ve so totally stepped outside my box, I don’t even see the cardboard sides anymore!! I’ve been nearly exclusively reading request for review books for the past few months, and to tell you the truth, I would have missed some darn good books if I hadn’t!!

Invested_Ivana 50That is so awesome! Good for you! I agree, we’ve found some awesome books through requests this year! I don’t think I’ve reduced the amount of books I’ve purchased, though. <blushes>. There are just too many good ones!

I know. Maybe I’ll have to alternate between books we’ve received via requests and books I’ve bought. One request, one purchase, and so on. That way I should be able to get through 50 or so of each? Plus the audiobooks I usually have going on the side. Think that would work?

Nervous_Nellie_50If you buy me a secretary, it might. My instincts rebel against structure.

Invested_Ivana 50<sigh> Well, then, here’s to struggling through another year. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


About Invested Ivana

I read fiction for entertainment and to escape my own world; so, I don’t want to read about “real” things. I read non-fiction to learn and be inspired. For the last several years, I’ve read mostly Urban Fantasy and other things supernatural. I also enjoy Historical Fiction. I love books that go deep into characters and worlds. I really want to know the characters, to be able to invest emotionally in them and their challenges. I like learning about cultures, so understanding the world is important to me as well.

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