SpellCrash by Kelly McCullough

I’m sad to see this series go. But McCullough does a wonderful job at bringing everyone back for a big ole reunion – one filled with humor, cybermagic, and lots of fight scenes. Spoilers ahead, ya’ll.

spellcrashTitle: SpellCrash
Author: Kelly McCullough
Series: Webmage Book 05
Publish Date: May 8th 2010
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: Ravirn is the best hacker around. But when the system controlling the multiverse needs a massive reboot, Ravirn must utilize all of his skills as a mage and prevent complete chaos-even if it costs him his life.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

What a book. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Though the ending is rather open – it also settles things quite nicely. The characters are so engaging, the plot is so original, and the action in nonstop in this.

Necessity and Nemesis gone. For a while there, I thought everybody was going to throw in the towel and just dive into sacrifice mode, especially since that’s Ravirn’s specialty. First it was Shara, then Fenris, Cerice, and even Alecto. It was interesting to see the split between the “four” sisters – Megaera with the bad guy, Alecto on Necessity’s side and on her own, Tisiphone in the Norse MythOS, and Cerice trying to maintain the peace as a transformed Fury. I also found it interesting that Ravirn now knows what it’s like to screw around with both fire and ice. The irony of that made me laugh.

Although there was one little part I got confused on and the ending was a bit rushed, I really, really liked this one and therefore, gave it five stars. Maybe it was because there was a lot less computer lingo until about a 1/3 of the way through and I understood it better, but I guess I just liked how the other parts of the book fell in.

And Eris, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! The nature of the gods are so fascinating – multi-faceted and driven by their own needs. I’ve always enjoyed Eris/Discord’s character and was glad she stayed true to the end, not to mention the same with Zeus, Hades, and Fate. I think the final Titan really showed them he was there to stay, always watching, though in the end, it didn’t matter because Ravirn’s place was taken by the lovely Persephone.

badge5v4I’m fascinated by this, I really am. I would reread this any time. If you love great world building, comical dialogue, Greek god interpretations, and computers, this is for you. Actually, this series is for anyone.

Great stuff, McCullough really knows his stuff and I agree he’s created his own subgenre.

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