Kitty And The Silver Bullet by Carrie Vaughn

We’re on Book 04 in our Kitty Norville read-along. Action fills each page as Kitty heads back to her hometown – and right into a mess.

Kitty Silver BulletTitle:  Kitty and the Silver Bullet
Author:  Carrie Vaughn
SeriesKitty Norville Book 04
Publish Date:  January 1, 2008
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: Kitty’s radio show is as popular as ever and she has a boyfriend who actually seems to understand her. Can she finally settle down to a normal life? Not if this is just the calm before the storm. When her mother falls ill, Kitty rushes back to Denver–and right back to the abusive pack of werewolves she escaped a year ago. To make matters worse, a war is brewing between the city’s two oldest vampires, threatening the whole supernatural community. Though she wants to stay neutral, Kitty is again drawn into a world of politics and violence. To protect her family, her lover, and herself, she’ll have to choose sides. And maybe become what she hates–a killer.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

The best part about reading fiction is that sometimes you forget it isn’t real. For me, this trait really stood out for this book. Kitty may be a werewolf – but she leads a very, very real life. She fights with her sister. She has ups and downs with Ben. She’s very indecisive about things. And that makes her very human. Readers are able to relate to Kitty despite not having lycanthropy, just like the character’s fans are able to listen and enjoy her show. Kitty is just very easy to imagine being there in real life because of her personality. I enjoy reading the Kitty books for that very reason. And well, because they’re a lot of fun.

badge4v4I rated this one four stars because I thought the involvement of Hardin really, really distracts from everything else. Since she’s human, she and her team are motivated and good to be wanting to help, but most of the time they just get in the way and embarrass themselves. I feel like it really takes away from the other good parts of the story.

But nevertheless I always enjoy a good Kitty book, so it gets a fantastic four!

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

Kitty and the Silver Bullet is the climax in the story arc about Kitty taking control of her life, moving from submissive to alpha.  When she returns to Denver to help care for her mother, diagnosed with cancer, she has to decide if her previous alpha and vampire politics will force her to run again, or if she’ll stay and fight for the life she wants.

Kitty is an interesting heroine.  She’s not your typical kick-ass urban fantasy protagonist.  She’s strong, but she can also be whiny, self-doubting, and conflict-avoiding.  Several reviews I’ve read call her “weak” or a reluctant heroine, one that can drive some folks crazy with her waffling.  In her blog, Vaughn describes Kitty as “a chatty idealist.  She wants to think the best of everyone and everything, she believes it is possible to make the world a better place.  And she talks. A lot.”

In my professional life, I’ve been reading a lot about personality inventories lately.  I’m a long-time fan of the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and have recently become certified to teach Real Colors, a practical workshop on temperament based on the same research as MBTI and Keirsey Temperament Sorter.  So with this in mind as I am rereading Kitty, I am realizing that Kitty is a Blue, or a NF temperament, what Kiersey calls an Idealist.  Idealists put a lot of emphasis on emotion and harmony, but can get aggressive when they are protecting someone else.  I’m wracking my brain to remember if any other UF protagonist I’ve read could be a Blue.  Maybe Mercy Thompson?  I’ll have to keep this in mind more as I read; maybe I’ll post a list of protagonists by temperament. 😉

badge5v4In any case, I don’t think there are a lot of Idealist protagonists in urban fantasy, which is maybe why Kitty comes off as being too weak for some folks.  I’ve enjoyed her, though, and I’m happy that, in Silver Bullet, she finally decides what she wants, fights for it, and wins.

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