Hell Freezes Over by John G. Hartness

What do you do when there are murders of a supernatural nature, but no evidence of supernatural?

28444694TitleHell Freezes Over
Author: John G. Hartness
Series: Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter
Publish Date:  January 2, 2016
Genre:  Dark Horror Mystery
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s DescriptionHe’s no stranger to blood. His uncle is Count Dracula, the most famous vampire in history, after all. But what he finds in a quiet North Carolina family home rocks even the jaded Quincy Harker. Families are being slaughtered, butchered like animals, and it seems like the loving fathers are to blame.

But a ghostly visitor shows Harker that there is more to the story than he can see, even with his mystical Sight. So he goes chasing justice, and his quest takes him deeper and darker places than even his guardian angel can follow, and pits him against foes stronger than any he has ever faced before.

Will Harker solve the mystery before more men, women and children are brutally murdered? Can he fight the powers that are moving behind the scenes to keep the truth hidden? And will he be able to stop the murderer when he finds him? Or it?

This is the darkest Harker story yet, from the author of Hell on Heels, Raising Hell, and The Black Knight Chronicles.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

It’s hard to get very deep into characters in a novella, but the immediate players are back.  Quincy, Becks, Smith, Dracula (Uncle Luke) and Renfield make their appearance, though I miss more Uncle Luke participation.  Quincy and Becks are still having a little issue with the bond in their brains.  Each can hear the others thoughts.  Quincy is having lusty thoughts about the good detective, but no one carries through with anything this time around.

“Becks” Rebecca Flynn, has called Quincy in on murder cases that at first glance have nothing supernatural to them.  Quincy changes his mind when he’s haunted by a little girl ghost trying to put a stop to whatever beast is after all of humanity this time. In order to get information, Quincy has to satisfy a bounty and butt heads with a 7th circle of Hell demon and John Smith.  I’m sad that Quincy and Smith are at odds, but it feels like Smith is playing Quincy and Becks.

badge3v4The story is a bit on the gory side with multiple child deaths so if that bothers you – get prepared.  The evil doer this time around will be a surprise but since it’s a novella, the conclusion was quick and without fuss.  I really like Quincy Harker, however, with him being over a century old, I was sure he’d be swifter on the uptake.  This is a quick 125 page read and there isn’t much lacking in the action department.  Take a break and deal with demons, angels, vampires and a human/vampire hybrid named Quincy.  You’ll have fun.

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…you might try  Demon Accords series by John Conroe, Hellequin Chronicles by Steven McHugh or Storm Chronicles by Skye Knizley.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I agree, the Demon Accords by John Conroe is a killer series. I really enjoy that one. Haven’t read the other two series mentioned, but I’ll go give them a look. Thanks!

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