Born to be Wilde by Jenn Stark

Sara Wilde is back!  This time, her past is haunting her in a big way.  Can she do now what she couldn’t do back when she was “Psychic Teen Sariah,” find the missing kids and return them to their family?

Born to be WildeTitle:  Born To Be Wilde
Author:  Jenn Stark
SeriesImmortal Vegas Book 03
Publish Date:  February 23, 2016
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: Provided by the Author

Publisher’s DescriptionIf there’s one thing that Tarot-reading magical artifacts hunter Sara Wilde has never been able to track down, it’s the truth about her own past. But now a powerful new threat to the psychic community will take Sara back to where it all began: the last job she worked with Officer Brody Rooks as “Psychic Teen Sariah,” the job that destroyed her life and sent her on the run. Because the enemy she fled all those years ago has returned… with a posse of demons as his personal entourage.

Worse, Sara’s infuriating mentor, the dangerously seductive Magician, is pushing her to stretch her abilities and explore the very deepest reaches of her magic. But every demand draws her further into the spell he’s weaving around her. And every challenge tests her vow to keep him at arm’s length.

From the glittering chaos of Las Vegas to the Lost City of Atlantis, Sara must risk everything in a quest for vengeance that grows darker and more twisted with every step. To succeed she’ll have to face the truth about her past, her abilities…and the impossible, unstoppable attraction she has to the Magician. A truth that will reveal her ultimate role in the war on magic.

Life is full of surprises when you are Born to Be Wilde.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

This is an urban fantasy.  The heroine is usually a little worse for wear.  She’s relentlessly being subjected to dangers to her personal self.  She’s learning, but the curve is steep.  There is a little tiny bit of sex.  If that puts you off, just skip over it because the story is worth it.

Sara is coming into her abilities and she has to learn everything she needs at break neck speed.  The main story arc continues with more twists than I could even imagine.  I learned more about her  and found out that she isn’t just an ordinary person with abilities.  She’s much more and it’s very, very cool.  I learned more about the arcane council and their so called “balance”.  A couple of new members of the council are introduced and one is Death.  What a character!  Actually, the whole arcane council are made up of “characters”. Like politicians, I’m not really sold that these folks ought to be in charge.

The story arc for this book closes a chapter for Sariah (Sara’s old life). It’s one of her old cases that left her raw and emotionally ripped apart.  All the standard characters are back in this episode. Nikki is a very popular character in this story, which I love.  I think she’s got to be my favorite character.  She’s so bold and no nonsense.  Brody is back.  Dixie too.  Of course the Magician…and the Devil *swoon*.

badge5v4The characters are very well developed, IMO.  I loved the vulnerability of Armaeus- it made him a deeper character.  I loved how the author manipulated the relationship between Sara and Armaeus.  It was brilliant.  The forbidden connection was the spice the story needed to keep the tension between the two.  The Devil is all up in their business too, so no fear about that.

I can’t get enough of this series.  I’m finished with this story and I’m ready for the next.  It’s almost as addicting as ice cream.  I give it a solid 5.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

Born to be Wilde reveals a bunch of secrets about Sara’s past–things she hadn’t even imagined–and hints at many more. Primarily, we learn a lot more about her days as “Psychic Teen Sariah,” working with officer Brody to find three missing children. Can Sara Wilde do now what Sariah Pelter couldn’t do then and bring those children home?

As her past comes back to haunt her, Sara is also worried about Armaeus–The Magician–since his attempts to recover from the damage received in Wilde Card have made him mortal… temporarily. Mortal Armaeus is even more tempting than immortal Armaeus, and Sara finds she doesn’t want to resist. Is this finally the tryst we’ve all been waiting for? 8^O

badge4v4There is so much more to Sara, to the Council, to the war, to… everything than we have so far been lead to believe. Born to be Wilde really blows the doors open on this world and sucks you right in.

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Born to be Wilde publishes tomorrow, February 23rd, so be sure to watch Amazon, Goodreads, and your favorite book retailer and book review blogs for reviews.

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