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Eona: The Last Dragoneye by Alison Goodman

I got my wish after that last review. Lots more magic in this one – equal parts mental power and physical skill.

eonaTitle:  Eona: The Last Dragoneye
Author:  Alison Goodman
SeriesEon Book 02
Publish Date:  April 19, 2011
Genre:  YA Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s DescriptionEon has been revealed as Eona, the first female Dragoneye in hundreds of years. Along with fellow rebels Ryko and Lady Dela, she is on the run from High Lord Sethon’s army. The renegades are on a quest for the black folio, stolen by the drug-riddled Dillon; they must also find Kygo, the young Pearl Emperor, who needs Eona’s power and the black folio if he is to wrest back his throne from the selfstyled “Emperor” Sethon. Through it all, Eona must come to terms with her new Dragoneye identity and power – and learn to bear the anguish of the ten dragons whose Dragoneyes were murdered. As they focus their power through her, she becomes a dangerous conduit for their plans. . . .

Eona, with its pulse-pounding drama and romance, its unforgettable fight scenes, and its surprises, is the conclusion to an epic story only Alison Goodman can create…

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

Now that Eona has stopped pretending to be a man, communion with her dragon is much easier. I liked the description of Hua and the fight scenes that often came with the use of magic. And mind control (or will control, whatever floats your boat)! I could only imagine how manipulated the characters under Eona’s thrall felt.

Everybody plays some interesting gender bending roles here. Poor Dela, unable to be a woman. And I figured they’d continue to use “Eon” a lot more but I guess we really get to see how Eona thinks. And boy, do we. Eona is not the scared, determined boy she played in the first one. She is now large and in-charge and ready to play the cards the way she wants. Manipulative and fiery, though she rarely admits to her flaws.

I liked the romantic plot within the route to save the dragons. Lord Ido presents a man who can give Eona the ultimate gift – unlimited power. Kygo is the deceptively handsome emperor who craves vengeance and power. It’s interesting to know that Lord Ido is only twenty-four after seeing all the other older Dragoneyes. But he brings Eona ill-fortune with his desperate need for godlike power.

I was a little confused when the scene between Eona and Ido played out to prevent a cyclone from hitting the ship they were travelling on. I couldn’t tell if they were just kissing very intimately or if they had sex. The author seemed to leave it up to the reader but I found myself wishing to know which one for better understanding.

The action scenes! Man, I tore through the breakout of Lord Ido from prison. That was probably my favorite scene in the whole book. Eona gets to be all girly and badass and there was just a lot of intrigue that drew me in. The ending scene was pretty good too, though I wished Eona would have fought off the control of Sethon a lot faster.

badge4v4Good duology for fans of Asian culture and fantasy. This two-book series is great when it comes to sword-wielding soldiers and magical scenes. It delves into sexism, romance, and sacrifice.

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The Vampire, The Handler and Me by Eileen Sheehan

When you are caught in a romantic triangle between the good and the bad but it’s hard to tell just who is good and who is bad, you know you are in trouble. This is the problem young Lizzy Ewing faces when she meets dark and mysterious Nevi and the roguish good looking Geoffry.

28597525Title:  The Vampire, The Handler & Me
Author: Eileen Sheehan
Publish Date:  November 30, 2015
Genre: Paranormal romance
Source: Provided by publisher

Publisher’s Description: In a romantic triangle of good and bad, it’s hard to tell who’s good and who’s bad. Lizzy Ewing is caught in a romantic triangle between two enemies: the handsome vampire, Nevi, and the hunky handler, Geoffrey. A handler herself, Lizzy must choose between Nevi and Geoffrey. One wants her for all the right reasons, one does not. Will she discover who is who before the bad destroys the good?

Possible spoilers beyond this point.


Luna_Lovebooks_100Luna Lovebooks says…

What I liked: The characters are the stars of this show. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and detail for many of the characters. All characters played a part and contributed to the story in some way and they all had personalities and felt like real people. Lizzy is your typical 20-something and seems shallow and stagnant at first but by the end of the novel she transforms into a strong woman. Nevi and Geoffry’s characters keep you guessing throughout the whole novel as to who the good guy is and who the bad guy is. I like the fact that she went the nontraditional way and the vampire is actually a good guy.

I was so relieved to find a unique plot that kept my interest and held a few mild surprises. I think that this is what Twilight could have been (don’t get your knickers in a bunch, I liked Twilight, but there was so much more potential to the story than was given). Also there are a few sex scenes but I feel they are tastefully done and didn’t make me feel like I was reading erotica.

What I didn’t like: One of the few problems I had with this story was the pace. At first it starts off kind of slow. Some of the parts drag but it doesn’t hinder the reading (at least it didn’t bother me). The middle is ok. The pace picks up a little more. But the ending – with the marriage, a baby, and the major fight – all seem rushed. It was still satisfying, but I felt like I was left in a whirlwind as I finished.

badge4v4Other than that there were a few words that were left out of sentences or words that were meant to be something else. These are few and far between and could just be an editor issue.

I give this book four fangs 😉

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Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

Mercy gets the pack wrapped up in more Fae politics, but with a little luck, the end result will help better the relationships between the fae, the wolves, and the humans.

Fire TouchedTitle:  Fire Touched
Author:  Patricia Briggs
SeriesMercy Thompson Book 09
Publish Date:  March 8, 2016
Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Publisher’s DescriptionTensions between the fae and humans are coming to a head. And when coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate, Adam, are called upon to stop a rampaging troll, they find themselves with something that could be used to make the fae back down and forestall out-and-out war: a human child stolen long ago by the fae.

Defying the most powerful werewolf in the country, the humans, and the fae, Mercy, Adam, and their pack choose to protect the boy no matter what the cost. But who will protect them from a boy who is fire touched?

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

The ninth Mercy Thompson book deals, again, with Fae politics and the impact it has on both the humans and the wolves. When the Fae set a rampaging bridge troll loose in the Tri-Cities, Mercy–with the help of her trusty Fae walking stick–publicly place the Cities under the protection of the Columbia Basin Pack, essentially claiming the role of supernatural government for the area. Both the vampires and the Fae test the pack’s resolve as the pack works to decide exactly what this proclamation means.

It apparently involves the ability to grant sanctuary to other supernaturals, because Zee, his son Tad, and an ancient human child with Fae-like abilities, are on the run from the Gray Lords. Mercy and the pack swear to protect them from their pursuers.

Once again, the pack isn’t happy with Mercy. Not only is she a coyote in a werewolf pack; not only has she brought a second non-wolf into the pack as well; but, now she’s pitting the pack against the most powerful Fae and driving away the support of the Marrok. Against Mercy’s wishes, Adam finally steps in as Alpha of the pack and commands members of the pack to show respect for her or leave. Oddly enough, even the contentious members of the pack seem happy with Adam’s declaration. This is one of those times where werewolf psychology really baffles me.

badge4v4In the end, the “battle” between the pack and the Fae is fought politically rather than physically, and the Tri-Cities is declared neutral territory for all supernatural entities. While neutral territory would be a great benefit to the Fae, wolves, and humans trying to negotiate co-habitation on the planet, I have a feeling the pack will have a hard fight to keep things “neutral;” but that creates a great platform for creating more stories in the Mercy Thompson world.

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The Visitor by Amanda Stevens

The VisitorTitle: The Visitor
Author: Amanda Stevens
Series: Graveyard Queen, Book 4
Publish Date: March 29, 2016
Paranormal Mystery

Publisher’s Description:

Restoring lost and abandoned cemeteries is my profession, but I’m starting to believe that my true calling is deciphering the riddles of the dead. Legend has it that Kroll Cemetery is a puzzle no one has ever been able to solve. For over half a century, the answer has remained hidden within the strange headstone inscriptions and intricate engravings. Because uncovering the mystery of that tiny, remote graveyard may come at a terrible price.

Years after their mass death, Ezra Kroll’s disciples lie unquiet, their tormented souls trapped within the walls of Kroll Cemetery, waiting to be released by someone strong and clever enough to solve the puzzle. For whatever reason, I’m being summoned to that graveyard by both the living and the dead. Every lead I follow, every clue I unravel brings me closer to an unlikely killer and to a destiny that will threaten my sanity and a future with my love, John Devlin.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Ruby LRuby_Lee 100ee says…

It is almost four years ago today that I started the Graveyard Queen series.  I whipped through the first three books very quickly.  I had always heard the rumors of a fourth book, but the third book ended well so I wrote it off as finished series.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this book on NetGalley.  I was so excited that I got to play with Amelia again.  I love paranormal stories, especially ones about those who can see ghosts, but the Graveyard Queen series took that concept in a direction I had never seen before.

The Series begins with the three rules that Amelia must follow to keep the ghost at bay and the third book ends with her beginning to truly understand the spirit world and what power she truly possesses.  The fourth book picks up where the third left off and quickly spirals you down into Amelia’s world, which is getting more complicated by the day.

Amanda Stevens’s writing really makes Amelia come alive, and the reader feels eachbadge4v4 terror, question, and hurt that Amelia suffers.  I sometimes felt confused about how the spirit world really works and what creatures it contains, but I soon realized that I was seeing everything through Amelia’s eyes so I was never going to know more than what she understood.There is a romantic element to the story but it is by far not a romance.  In fact, the one she loves may actually be the one that destroys her and there is no ‘happy ever after’ ending in that.

Overall, The Visitor is a captivating, beautiful told story about a woman who is more and can do more than she ever expected.  Her relationships are complicated, the story of her birth is amazing, and I can’t wait until the next book to see what path this story takes.  I recommend this book for all that love the paranormal but I also recommend that you start at the beginning of the series with The Restorer.  I think you would really miss out on a huge part of the story if you don’t experience the build up of conflict and power from one story to the next.

Lucyfer’s Corner

4 paws – This book is dark, and I loved every minute of it. Ghosts and creatures from theLucy Face other side really make my day, and I love to feel the power of fear that permeates this book. However, my favorite part is when Amelia’s dog becomes too scared of her to be with her any longer.  Dogs are such babies.  If she had a cat, the cat would figure out how to siphon off some of her power and rule the world.  Too bad Ruby’s only super power is that  her snoring could wake the dead.  I’ve used it before in ceremonies but unfortunately, once the dead hear the snoring, they crawl right back in their coffins.  The things I put up with.

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Little Bits of Karma by Laura Simmons

If you love charming tales about love, reincarnation and forgiveness, then Simmons story of Holly and her journey of redemption and forgiveness is right up your alley.

karmaTitle:  Little Bits of Karma
Author:  Laura Simmons
Publish Date: June 17, 2015
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
SourceWord Slinger Publicity

Publisher’s Description: A captivating story of reincarnation, redemption, and forgiveness.

Even though Holly O’Rourke is having problems with her longtime significant other, James, she has never entertained thoughts of infidelity…that is, until the day she has a chance encounter with Charlie, a handsome coworker. James promises he will change and work on their relationship, but Holly’s feelings for Charlie just won’t go away.

Distressed by her mixed emotions, Holly schedules an appointment for a reading with a psychic medium, where she discovers her adulterous past lives and their tragic consequences. Holly learns to do her own past life regression through self-hypnosis and uncovers not only lives that she shared with James and Charlie, but how the other people in her present life have been with her in the past—the threads of their lives interwoven for centuries. Holly is stunned by recurring themes and the issues of karmic justice that need to be addressed.

Where will her karmic path ultimately lead? Find out in Little Bits of Karma, an entertaining new book about spiritual cause and effect.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Luna_Lovebooks_100Luna Lovebooks says…

What I liked: What first caught my attention was the cover. It is beautiful and just goes to show you that we often pick up books because their covers attract us first. The subject matter of reincarnation was what prompted me to read this novel though. The past lives aspect as well as the paranormal aspect of being psychic is something that is unique and I thought reasonable well done.

Most of the characters are middle aged, but it fits with the flow and idea of reincarnation. It would be hard to do a book about life lessons for someone who hasn’t really had a life in the grand scheme of things. The main characters were very well developed, their past lives coinciding and adding to their current lives. It was almost like there could have been separate stories.

What I didn’t like: To me, the beginning is very snooze worthy. It moves very slowly and doesn’t really pick up until you get to Holly’s past lives. However it tapers off again and picks up again. The whole last part of the book seems like a giant epilogue until Holly goes to the hospital when it picks up again and then it goes back to being slow.

badge3v4The past lives were too short. I think instead of being a snippet and giving us a brief glimpse they should have been a bit longer. Also the language used seemed more contemporary and I feel this takes us out of the specific time period for that particular life. While cute the ending literally states that “they lived happily ever after” and was a little clichéd for me. Also if jumping from head to head or time periods confuses you when you read then this may be a puzzling read.

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