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Sex sells.  We all know that – it’s everywhere.  TV, Movies, Books… sells.  It’s just the way it is.Nervous_Nellie_100

So, since we know that is a given, how do you write a sex/love scene in a book that actually works? I’m sure there are many writers out there that equal Diana Gabaldon, but you have to give credit where credit is due – the woman can write.

In my opinion, it’s not the scene itself that I enjoy, though it does have merit.  It’s the emotions that lead up to the scene that I prefer.  I like the feeling of the heroine being cherished, treasured and revered.  Some readers get that from contemporary romance or erotica or BDSM.  Personally, I like the words that he speaks to her that tells her she is cherished, treasured and revered.  I like the description leading up to the scene because the right words build the emotion in my brain.  I like those written descriptions MUCH better than watching them in a movie or tv show because I’m in control of what it looks like.

I prefer that the scene is the secondary star of the show and I want a story that has some judicatory ass kicking of the paranormal nature to be it’s primary driving force. I’m not discrediting any other kind of romance, it’s just my personal preference.

I also think that being an author writing a sex/love scene can be a walk on a tight rope.  Men and women have very different ideas of romance, I’m sure.  At least I can tell that from my household.  My husband’s romantic tendencies lean more along the lines of telling me, “what the hell are you wearing?” vs. “Hey, you look good.”  I have always wondered if the authors have participated in some of these scenes they write.  Then, I think, well, have they killed monsters?  People?  If they aren’t writing from prison or hell, then I have to guess they haven’t.

How does one write a sex/love scene?  Don’t look at me – I only read them. 😉

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Book Hunt:

imageTitle:  Three Thrilling Thrillers
Author: Maynard Sims
99 cents on Kindle

Description:  A box set of three full length novels. Three thriller novels from best selling authors Maynard Sims.

Let Death Begin is a mystery thriller. James is shot by a clown. Sara’s house is broken into. Mason is killed for what was stolen. Who is pulling the strings? Who wants James dead? What secrets need to stay hidden? James Price finds himself drawn into a web of mystery and intrigue by the enigmatic Sara. How does the present danger connect to his past life? Can he solve the puzzle and stay one step ahead of the killers? Can he stay alive long enough to finally find justice? A web of revenge is all around. In a fast paced thriller of action and suspense Maynard Sims builds the tension until a roaring climax.

Through The Sad Heart is an action thriller. Ben Black is an ordinary man plunged into a world of global espionage, crime and secrets by the actions of his father and brother. Through greed, his family become involved with shady businessman Valkaris, a man well known to British Intelligence. Ben is forced to take extraordinary measures to safeguard his family, and his own life, as the world he has known explodes into action through bombs, guns and lies. Through The Sad Heart is an all action thriller that takes us from Athens to London. Ben finds danger and deceit at every turn. He can trust no one, not even those he loves. A turbo charged thriller that races along until a stunning conclusion.

Falling Apart At The Edges is a crime thriller. John Blake fights crime the only way he knows how, fast and dirty. There is a killer on the streets and John has to track him down. When his wife is kidnapped and he has to find her, his personal life starts to spin out of control. Blake has his own set of moral codes that allow him to challenge the evils he sees on the streets on his own terms. But can he win his battles and save his marriage and his career? Falling Apart At The Edges is the story of a man on the edge of destruction. The killer has to be stopped but what if the price he has to pay to win that battle is the life of his wife? A thrill-packed, fast-action thriller that begins at full speed and rushes to a climax that surprises and satisfies.


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