Hero Engine by Alexander Nader

When the super heroes go bonkers, who is gonna save us then?

25829036Title: Hero Engine
Author: Alexander Nader
Publish Date: June 30, 2015
Genre:  Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Source: NetGalley

Publisher’s Description: ‘Cool’ Jim Quig has one love : his job. And he likes it that way. While Jim protects the streets, the heroes take all the credit. He’s fine with that, all cops are. Sort of. So when the director of the Super Hero Initiative (SHI) asks Jim to help solve a mystery plaguing SHI headquarters, he’s not interested. Who cares if an ancient artifact known as the Hero Engine has been destroyed? Or if every super hero in existence was altered into their superhuman state by the device? It’s not Jim’s problem. The ‘capes’ can solve their own mystery.

The director doesn’t take no for answer and Jim’s task is to not only find out who destroyed the Engine, but why one hero has gone AWOL. For the last fifty-two years, SHI has protected the world, but with the destruction of the Engine, and a rogue killing super humans, the golden era of heroes has ended. Cool Jim Quig is about to find out what happens when a cape goes nutso.

If only he had just said no to the guy in the flashy suit.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

This is not my normal kind of book.  It’s a step outside my normal box and I liked the story.  It’s a detective story, but it’s a detective that is solving mysteries involving superheros.  Weird, huh?  Well, that’s what makes it intriguing.  It’s a different spin.  Like I said, it’s not my normal book.

It took me a little big to get into the groove – new characters or authors usually take me a minute to adjust, but not long.  The characters are developed.  There is a back story and a past that both protagonists want to forget.  Neither protagonist really is all involved with their co-workers, so when they both switch jobs, so to speak, to investigate a super hero falling off her rocker, they get along fairly well.  It’s the kind of relationship that was built from adversity. “Cool” Jim Quig is a guy I can related to.  He revealed himself to be from the same era I am and he was not all powerful.  He didn’t save the day.  He didn’t even necessarily solve the mystery, but he was a very relateable character and I liked him very much.

The superheros are jerks. You know, ultimate power and all that.  You’d think that before they’d have been made superheros (yes, they are made via a machine that was discovered) they could have done a complete psych eval to root out the propensity for jerkiness.

badge3v4Anyway, I have got to say that this was a good story.  This is a one book story, no sequels. There is no cliffhanger because the end is the end.  I can tell you that the author did a pretty good job at hiding the villain. For the longest time I thought it was one character and then it shifted to a different character.  I had a good time reading this book.  It might not have been all roses because of the death and mayhem, but it was pretty darn interesting.  Good job, author.

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