Fencing For Ladies by Amy Corwin

A mystery with a little Regency Romance mixed in!Fencing for Ladies

Title: Fencing For Ladies
Author:  Amy Corwin
Series: The Archer Family #5
Publish Date:  April 8, 2016
Genre: Regency Romance
Source:  Book provided by author in exchange for honest review

Publisher’s Description: Defying Society’s strictures, Lady Olivia is fascinated by fencing and determined to share the thrill of facing an opponent with a foil in her hand. Defiance comes at a cost, however. While her family agrees to allow her to found the Fencing Academy for Ladies, she must agree to a betrothal to the extremely eligible, but insipid, Lord Saunders. It seems like a fair compromise, so she agrees, even though Lord Saunders makes no secret of the fact that he disapproves of her academy.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes the day before her school opens. Lady Olivia discovers a dead body in her office with a marble cherub in place of his head. And she unwittingly leaves a trail of footprints through his blood, blood so fresh that it is still sticky. There is no sign of anyone else in the building—just Lady Olivia and the still-warm corpse.

Scandal erupts, and Lord Saunders demands that she close the academy and conform to Society’s dictates. She stubbornly refuses until a second body is discovered. Desperate, Lady Olivia turns to dashing fencing master, Lord Milbourn, for help. While the handsome master fencer is clearly hiding his own dark secrets, her heart tells her to trust him.

Torn between her growing love for the attractive and enigmatic Lord Milbourn and her promise to Lord Saunders, Lady Olivia is determined to fight for her heart’s desire, whatever the cost.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (or, in other words, SPOILERS).

This is a mystery foremost and a romance second.  No sex, no paranormal, no graphic violence, no cliffhanger.  It’s Nervous_Nellie_100part of a series, but I read it as a stand alone without any problem. It’s also a book that I could relax with and let my guard down.

As I said this is a mystery.  Who killed the family friend in the office of a Fencing Academy for Ladies?  The book focuses on Lady Olivia, who upon attempting to gain the attention of her brother’s fencing instructor, opens a Fencing Academy for Ladies.  I have to say that the mystery was very good, though I was frustrated with the lack of romantic bone in Lord Milbourn’s body.  I didn’t think he was even going to help Lady Olivia!  I think that Lady Olivia should have knocked him upside the head to wake him up because he was taking his own sweet time and time was wasting!

The date in history that this story took place lacks a lot in the ways and means of criminal investigation.  The law enforcement was inept and looking at closing a case instead of figuring out who really did the deed.  I think that I would have done a better job than all of those individuals that were working on Lady Olivia’s case!

I guess the ineptness of the LEO’s was just enough to pull Lord Milbourn’s head out of his….the badge3v4clouds and champion Lady Olivia.  In that time, a woman had her place and obviously her place was very dispensable as well as her person herself.

I enjoyed the mystery and again, I find this author to not follow the template order of most romances and that is always refreshing.

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