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Nervous_Nellie_100How do you keep track of your collection of books?  How do you organize them?  Do you keep track of them like a miser or are they free game for friends to borrow?  Are they alphabetical?  By title, author or what?  Do you display them as prized paintings?

Books are like any other collection.  Sometimes us book lovers get snubbed by those who are ‘hard core’ collectors.  You know the ones….Star Wars collectors, antique collectors, toy tractor collectors.  Just because those kinds of collections are popular and appear on Pawn Stars doesn’t mean that my book collection means nothing.  My books may not have the resale value of a hot rod bought at the Barrett-Jackson auction, but the stories I choose to keep forever are priceless.

Now, with electronic books, I don’t have to choose which books to keep because (at this point) I get to keep them all.  I do have to choose which ones to buy in “real” book form.  Those books that get to be on my “real book” bookshelf are the ones that are very special to me.

On my “old real book” bookshelf, are those books that I can’t let go because they have a passage that I love or an ending that, when in a particular mood, I need to read through again.  On my “new real book” bookshelf, I have books that have beautiful covers that I love to look at, quotes that are magic to me or frankly, just hilarious.  There is one set of romances that mean nothing to me in the relation of the story, but my husband’s aunt and I bought them together with coupons from Harlequin.  She has long passed away, but those books mean the world to me because of their connection to someone I love.

Lastly, there is the collection of PRIZED books.  Those that would have a glass dome, laser beam security and an armed guard if I could afford such a thing.  They are those favorite stories from my favorite authors that have autographed a book for me. Those, to me, are top shelf collectibles because they are one of a kind and irreplaceable.

SO, my point of this post is simple.  What do you say when someone with a huge, creepy eyed doll collection asks you what you collect?  I say, “I collect books” and run the other way….. Cuz dolls just freak me out.

Book Hunt:

Title:  Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies
Author: W.J. May
Free on Kindle

Description: Beautiful Rouge has little knowledge about her past, she has questions but has never tried to find the answers. Everything changes when she befriends a strangely intoxicating family. Siblings Grace and Michael, appear to have secrets which seem somehow connected to Rouge. 

All secrets have a cost and Rouge’s determination to find the truth may force her and Michael apart. It can only lead to trouble…or something even more sinister.
*Warning: There are werewolves in this story… and they are not friendly.*
** Warning #2: This book will end on a cliffhanger. Book 2 picks up where this book ends.**

Crush by Chrissy Peebles
The Crush Saga Book Trailer:

His precious touch could prove deadly…

Taylor is shocked to learn that Big Bear Lake isn’t just glittering lakes, towering pines, and breathtaking mountains…there’s more…way more than meets the eye.
Will Taylor dive into a paranormal world she knows nothing about? To be with the one her heart can’t live without?

Blur by Kristen Middleton

Warning- This book contains some language, violence, and sexual situations recommended for ages seventeen and older.
Danger lurks in the dead of night…
Seventeen year old Nikki and her twin brother, Nathan, move to the small town of Shore Lake to start over after their mother is brutally attacked. When a missing teenager washes up on shore during their first night at the cabin and there are whispers of vampires in Shore Lake, Nikki begins to realize that there are things roaming in the darkness that are far more sinister than what they left behind in the city.

Vampire in Denial by Dale Mayer

Blood doesn’t just make her who she is…it also makes her what she is.
Like being a sixteen-year-old vampire isn’t hard enough, Tessa’s throwback human genes make her an outcast among her relatives. But try as she might, she can’t get a handle on the vampire lifestyle and all the…blood.
Once again, Tessa finds herself torn between the human world and the vampire one. Will blood own out? Can she make peace with who she is as well as what?
Warning: This book ends with a cliffhanger! Book 2 picks up where this book ends.

The Zombie Chronicles by Chrissy Peebles


*This is a young adult book, post-apocalyptic, horror series.

WARNING: All your questions won’t be answered in book 1.

Warning: Mild violence. For mature teens or older.

Val was bitten by a zombie and now she’s scheduled for lethal injection. Breaking all the rules, eighteen year old, Dean Walters snags an experimental serum. But it can’t be tested until Val turns into a zombie: something authorities won’t allow. Her execution is scheduled to happen before transformation is complete, giving Dean only hours to break her out. 

When their helicopter crashes straight into the heart of Zombie Land, his rescue mission becomes a fight for survival…and giving up on Val is NOT an option.

Zombie Games (Origins) by Kristen Middleton

An Amazon Bestselling Zombie Series!
Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Wild thought that living in the chaos of her mother’s home daycare and dealing with new feelings for Bryce, her martial arts instructor, was a struggle until her world turned upside down.




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I read, read and then read. I love my life as a reviewer because I get to meet some awesome people who love books too. It's a fantastic world to live in!My favorite genres: Urban Fantasy, Regency Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Thrillers, Paranormal Mysteries, Vampire Romance, Historical, Contemporary or Futuristic Mysteries and Thrillers, Steampunk Fantasy and Mysteries, Police Procedurals and Political Thrillers.

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  1. Actually, when people ask me if I collect something, I usually answer with vintage hats, vintage coats, vintage jewelry, and rubber ducks. I don’t see it as book collecting; I see it as a lifestyle. And some dolls creep me out, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nervous Nell Justice

      I LOVE vintage jewelry. I’ve got a few broaches I found at flea markets. So pretty! I haven’t found many in the past several years tho, & I don’t know why.


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