Raven by Skye Knizley

27389307Title: Raven
Author: Skye Knizley
Series: Storm Chronicles 04
Publish Date: October 31, 2015
Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing
Genre: Urban Fantasy with a little romance
Perspective: First Person with alternate POV

Publisher’s DescriptionAll Hallows Eve approaches and for once Raven Storm has plans to spend the holiday enjoying a party at Isle of Night with family and friends, something she hasn’t done since high school.
But someone has other plans and Raven is called to investigate the grisly murder of Monsignor Quinn, a priest left to drown in his own blood. He is the fifth such victim in as many weeks and local police are baffled.

With a new, untested partner Raven must delve into Boston’s underworld and confront an ancient evil, a creature like nothing she’s ever seen, before it kills again.

But how do you stop someone who wears your own face?

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (in other words, SPOILERS!)

Nervous Nellie says…Nervous_Nellie_100

This is an urban fantasy.  Cliffhanger, but not a long wait until next book.  Violence meets mystery/cop procedural.

I enjoy Raven.  I enjoy her world and the characters in her world.  At the end of the prior book, I wasn’t sure how things would go, but it’s twisting and turning it’s way around.

Okay…..here’s the thing…. I’m losing interest in this series.  Why?  I don’t know.  The nearest I can figure is that the scenes are changing and changing quickly.  Raven isn’t in the same job as when IMG_0945she started.  That should be good, right?  She doesn’t have the same partner, though Rupert is in the book.  She doesn’t have the same lover, so there isn’t any of that sexual tension contributed to betrayal with Francis DuGuerre. My previous opinion of Lord DuGerre still stands.  I want him in the book because I love to hate him. Raven appears to be settled and her lover, Aspen, is developing more into a kick ass like Raven instead of the witch I loved in the previous stories.

Yes, I will see what the next book has in store because I’m hoping that Rupert will be back to being an integral part of Raven’s life again and that Raven comes home to Lady Valentina and her job of Furstin.

This is a pretty good series, so give it a shot.

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