One Book Two Travel Log

I had one of the best experiences in my book lovers life yesterday. Ivana and I went to our first author event. BF Bookies put on this event in Clear Lake, Iowa.


You say, “Big Deal?!” I say, “Yes, it was.”  We didn’t really know what to expect, but the place was packed with authors and fans.  Most of the authors were romance writers, so we didn’t have anyone in particular to see except our friend, Terry Maggert.

Don't let Terry fool you.  He only  LOOKS like he's working.

Don’t let Terry fool you. He only
LOOKS like he’s working.

Between Ivana and I, we stopped at every table and visited with authors.  Some were very nice and incredibly welcoming and some were much more reserved.  I bought a few books and not all of them were for me.  Actually, most were for family so I get bonus reader points for that.

Book Bash Ballroom

Book Bash Ballroom

There was SWAG at each table from the authors promoting their books.  Mostly book marks, postcards with book blurbs on them and one or two free downloads for a book.  Every author I bought from was happy to do an autograph, so that added to the fun too. There were panel discussions in the morning and afternoon. It was interesting because the answers posed to the assorted author panelists were geared to help get to know the author and their hard work in their industry. One author said that “Readers don’t understand writers like other writers do.” This was an opportunity to understand a little more.

Ivana and Terry Maggert

Ivana and Terry Maggert

In other news: One Book Two met a friend at the North Iowa Book Bash.  On The Run Book Reviews CEO Anneliese Murine was there for the experience.  Let me tell you, this woman knows how to have fun.  If you get a chance, stop over to her blog and she’ll tell you how it is! She added to our fun and we hope we can all stay in touch.


Photo credit to Jon Goranson


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  1. Awww, it was great to meet you guys as well!! Thanks for being my signing support!! I had so much fun! Can’t wait til the next one 😃

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