Rivers of London, Vol. 1: Body Work by Ben Aaronovitch

Body WorkTitle:  Body Work
Author:  Ben Aaronovitch
SeriesRivers of London graphic novel
Publish Date:  March 29, 2016
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s DescriptionPeter Grant is part of a very special London police unit. Full-time cop and part-time wizard, he works on rather unusual crimes – those that involve magic and the general weirdness that permeates London’s dark underbelly.

His latest case begins with a perfectly innocent car on a homicidal killing spree – without a driver. But then, before you know it, there’s a Bosnian refugee, the Most Haunted Card in England, a bunch of teenagers loaded on Katamine and a seemingly harmless wooden bench with the darkest of pasts…

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

What drew me to this book: I’m a fan of the Rivers of London series. If you read my reviews often, you know I struggle with graphic novels. They aren’t my favorite medium, but when a tale comes out in graphic novel in a series I read, I pick it up anyway. 😉 This is the first graphic tale in the Rivers of London series, but it looks like there will be more.

Why I kept reading: It’s always fun to see how someone else pictures a story’s characters, which is one of the things I do like about graphic novels. I have a Pinterest board for this series’ characters. Because the story takes place in London, and London is such an international city, it’s fun to see all the cultural variations in how characters are pictured, too. Aaronovitch does a great job of making this series very diverse; probably the best of any series I’ve ever read. Plus, Toby and Molly are pictured, and they are a couple of my favorite characters.

The main story is short, but good. People are being mysteriously killed by their cars. Peter has to hunt down the cause and stop it before more people die. During the story, we get a little bit of background on Nightingale. His background is hinted at in the novels, but never fully revealed.

Probably the best part about this volume are the “shorts” in the back. There are six short, one- or two-page vignettes that are clever and cute and defy your expectations. Not only are they adorable little stories, but they are fantastic examples of the use of the visual medium.

Why I recommend it: If you’re a fan of the Peter Grant series, this graphic novel is worth picking up. It’s an interesting event in the life of the characters and the vignettes are so much fun. If you haven’t read the series but like graphic novels, you might enjoy this volume as a taste of what is in the series. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite. 😉

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  1. I love the Peter Grant series! I’m so glad to hear the graphic novel is worth the read, because I’ve been thinking about picking it up too.

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