Blood of the Earth by Faith Hunter

What a great new series start for Faith Hunter and Nell Ingram! Though set in the same world, it is somewhat different than Jane Yellowrock and fascinating in its own right. I’m very excited about the Soulwood series!

FTC Notice: This book was provided free in exchange for an honest review. This is no way impacts my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blood of the EarthTitle: Blood of the Earth
Author: Faith Hunter
SeriesSoulwood Book 1
Publish Date: August 2, 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: NetGalley

Publisher’s DescriptionSet in the same world as the New York Times bestselling Jane Yellowrock novels, an all-new series starring Nell Ingram, who wields powers as old as the earth.

When Nell Ingram met skinwalker Jane Yellowrock, she was almost alone in the world, exiled by both choice and fear from the cult she was raised in, defending herself with the magic she drew from her deep connection to the forest that surrounds her.

Now, Jane has referred Nell to PsyLED, a Homeland Security agency policing paranormals, and agent Rick LaFleur has shown up at Nell’s doorstep. His appearance forces her out of her isolated life into an investigation that leads to the vampire Blood Master of Nashville.

Nell has a team—and a mission. But to find the Master’s kidnapped vassal, Nell and the PsyLED team will be forced to go deep into the heart of the very cult Nell fears, infiltrating the cult and a humans-only terrorist group before time runs out…

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana says…

What drew me to this book: I adore the Jane Yellowrock novels by Faith Hunter. So of course I’m going to read a new series set in Jane’s world. 🙂

What kept me reading: Faith Hunter’s writing and story-telling are top-shelf. The story and characters made for fantastic entertainment. In addition to that, there were some things in this novel that were intriguing to think about.

First, Nell is raised in what seems to be a paranoid, survivalist, polygamist, Sovereign Citizen movement, religious “cult.” My brain labels that as “bad.” However, Hunter goes to some length to show the reader what can be appealing about these groups–at least the family and community aspect of them. I can’t say as I’ve ever considered the sense of extended family and community that could exist in these groups in a positive light before. I was surprised that Hunter took this approach, and it made me think about these groups a little differently.

Second, Nell is forced to look at the beliefs and experiences of her childhood in a whole new way, reevaluating them in light of new information. We can be radically shaken to realize that the truth of our existence, those experiences that shaped who we are, may be based on false perception. It takes a lot of courage to be open to considering that our perceptions may be wrong and to realign our life in light of new information.

On a different note, I found it hard to remember that Nell is only 23 in the book.  She’s had a lot of life experience by the time we meet her, being married at 15 and widowed early.  She owns a house and weapons, and knows how to use them. She’s solitary and curmudgeonly. All these things make me forget that she’s actually very young and even more inexperienced because of her upbringing. I had to keep reminding myself of her age.

badge5v4Why I recommend it: Though I’ve only read her Jane Yellowrock series, I feel that it goes without saying that Hunter delivers quality writing and entertainment.  I’m not surprised to find that this new series is really good.  Fans of the Yellowrock world will certainly love it—we get to see Rick LaFleur squirm, after all—but you don’t have to be a Yellowrock fan to love this new series.  The world- and character-building, the mystery, and the magic are all beautifully done. I am certainly looking forward to more adventures with Nell. 😉

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

This was a darn good book.  Yes, I had my reservations because it had Ricky Bo in it and I intensely dislike Ricky Bo LaFleur, Jane Yellowrock’s former mate.  He treated Jane poorly, but one little upside is that he isn’t as happy as he was with Jane.

ANYWAY, onto the book and I’m done talking about him.  (Jane is much better off with Bruiser 😉 )  This story is, hopefully, part of a series, no sex, no gory death scenes although there is plenty of blood.

The characters are really put together well.  Nell Ingram is one tough cookie. She has experienced more in her little bit of life than I have in all my years.  She was married at 12, assumed wifely duties at 15 and widowed by 19.  This experience is not uncommon in the support system she was raised, but she has had enough. She has shunned God’s Cloud of Glory church because several high ranking churchmen have turned more towards cult like activities.  Some of which include beating and raping of the wives and daughters of the community.

Nell, the main character, is smart and a great addition to the PsyLED team that is led by Rick LaFleur (Ricky Bo).  She knows she’s got powers, but she’s not a witch.  She doesn’t exactly know what she is, but she tries to do right.

badge4v4The team has a kidnapping to solve.  Actually, more than one kidnapping as well as locating a terrorist group operating in Nell’s area.  Nell, is a great asset because of her knowledge of the inner workings of the church community, but also proves herself to the rest of the team that she can pull her investigative weight.

This was a great book and I enjoyed it nearly as much as Jane Yellowrock’s series – nearly.

If you like this book…

…you might try the Jane Yellowrock books, obviously, if you haven’t already. 🙂

FTC Notice: This book was provided free in exchange for an honest review. This is no way impacts my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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  1. I’ve never read Faith Hunter, but this will probably be the year – I have this one and I’m very excited to check it out!

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  2. Oh, Mogsy. Never? Well, I really hope you like her. I love the Jane Yellowrock series. It’s right up there with Patricia Briggs, in my opinion. PLEASE let me know what you think when you get to read her!


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