Strife by Cate Tiernan

Morgan’s realized her life has become complicated with the discovery of her real father’s lineage – and what he did to her own mother has haunted her from the beginning. Now the stress level has come to a head and Morgan’s dealing with it in the worst way. Her powers are lashing out and causing destruction and harm to others. Or are they?

StrifeTitle:  Strife
Author:  Cate Tiernan
SeriesSweep Book 09
Publish Date:  February 18, 2002
Genre:  YA Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s DescriptionFrightening things are happening around me. Someone’s magick is being used for violence.

My friends think it’s me. They’re wrong. I’m not the one who’s out of control.

But how can I prove it – before it’s too late?

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

This one is actually my least favorite in the series. It isn’t written poorly, but as I started to read it, I began to get angry with most of the characters in the book. I hated Erin for acting like a know it all, Sky for leaving, Morgan’s parents for being unable to understand their daughter’s faith (readers, I should tell you this is a very touchy subject for me, which made it that much worse), Mary K for being annoying, Alisa for being paranoid, and even Hunter for allowing her to be stripped of her magick. I especially wasn’t fond of Morgan since she seemed ignorant and selfish throughout most of the book. I ended up getting frustrated while I read.

Also? What was up with that suddenly happy ending with her parents? Randomly they ACCEPT everything after all the bullshit they put her through in 24 hours? Naw, that was a bit too unrealistic.

I wish Cal would come back because then it would actually make sense in a weird but dark way, not to mention his presence would be helpful because he might push Morgan over the edge so that she makes a decision that would push the story along a lot better. But he doesn’t and so pretty much everyone turns against Morgan and she has no one on her side, even Hunter. I think Cal’s dark whisper would have added some intrigue to the plot that was sadly missing.

And the other part of the ending was predictable. We all knew Hunter would go try to find his family. That’s been mentioned for the last six books. So I was hoping for better. A cliffhanger. A promise. Something along those lines.

badge2v4I did like the mental magick that Hunter and Morgan share through the stone. It was unique to the story and will lead to future scenes similar to it I bet. But I always tend to like the magic that makes this series super awesome.

Only a rating of two this time. Sorry guys, I just didn’t like this one.

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