Full Circle by Cate Tiernan

This is the original finale of the Sweep series, with Night’s Child being a twenty-years-later kind of thing and the final finale. But the present battle Morgan has to face just may change her future forever.

Full CircleTitleFull Circle
Author:  Cate Tiernan
SeriesSweep Book 14
Publish Date:  September 30, 2002
Genre:  YA Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: Hunter, Morgan, and Alisa. All three are witches, and each is in turmoil. Hunter feels stifled by the small town world of Widow’s Vale. Morgan is terrified of the possibility of life without him. And Alisa is still coping with the knowledge that she is a witch–by blood. Together, the three worked together to defeat the most unspeakable evil known to witches. Now, the danger they face is just as deadly. But to vanquish their new foe, they must first defeat the weaknesses within themselves.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

Only one of the summaries on the back page of this book matches the story—Morgan’s does, but Hunter’s does not. So I was a little thrown by the back page, even though I’ve read it before (a very long time ago). However, I was much more impressed by this book than I have the last couple books in the series.

And yes, it’s probably because Morgan and Hunter are back to co-narrating the story. I have always enjoyed Hunter’s smart, comical view of things and I highly enjoy his little spy game. How he high-vaults up to the roof and then uses a periscope to check out Patrice and her coven. I like the chase and the new-found speed and skill that Hunter retains, even after quitting the council.

I would have liked to know more about the “scourge” that Morgan is destined to become and why she is chosen. It is mentioned, but only briefly and not in very good detail. It is brought up at one point, talked about for a few seconds, and then dropped, so I expected there to be another conversation about it, but there isn’t. So I’m confused about the whole scourge thing and the prophetic meaning behind it. I do know that Morgan accepts being the scourge before she shapeshifts. But I don’t really understand what it means besides “destroyer,” which could mean a multitude of things.

I also would have liked it if Hunter and Morgan would have done the deed. The whole series has pretty much been leading up to it since Morgan and Hunter first engaged with each other, fighting and then arguing. But I do like that they have the kind of relationship where they are supportive of each other one moment and then the next, they can be bickering like an old married couple.

And oh, Hunter, your rage drives me wild! I love how he continues to hate Cal, even after his death. His jealousy shows how much he truly cares about Morgan and how much he just can’t stand that someone else had her first. I like it when he admits how much he cares without even meaning to.

The dreams get a little predictable after Morgan mentions she was seeing Cal. I figured it was Selene, because you never actually knew if she was dead. You just heard that Morgan touched Cal’s face before he died, but nothing was ever mentioned about his mother. So her reappearance wasn’t really that surprising. I almost wished that Cal would come back so that he and Hunter could fight again. Because that would be awesome.

badge4v4One last book before the ending, but this is a good end to Morgan’s teenage years. I like the openness of the ending and how limitless the possibilities are of what could happen for the future for the both of them. Guess we’ll find out what happens in the next and final one.

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